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2010-2011 Mathematics Honors Program Presentations

The Honors Presentations for 2010-2011 were held in June. These presentations were based on theses submitted for examination to the Mathematics Department Honors Committee.

Shishir Agrawal
Honors with Highest Distinction
Thesis: The Euler Characteristic of the Moduli Space of Stable Maps into a Grassmannian
Advisor: Dragos Oprea
Matthew Cha
Honors with High Distinction
Thesis: A quantum random walk model for the (1+2) dimensional Dirac equation
Advisor: David Meyer
Bryce Terwilliger
Honors with Distinction
Thesis: The Asymptotic Efficiency of the Bell-Doksum Procedure Relative to the T-test
Advisor: Ian Abramson
Minji Kim
Honors with Distinction
Thesis: Second Order Reed-Muller Decoding Algorithm in Quantum Computing
Advisor: David Meyer
Leilani Gilpin
Honors with Distinction
Thesis: The Impact of Topology and Communication Models on Connectivity in Networks
Advisor: Melvin Leok
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