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Petition Information

Deviations from University or Departmental requirements as listed in the general catalog for the year you entered UCSD, or any substitution of non-articulated courses, whether from UCSD or another institution, must be approved by petition. Undergraduate Student Petitions are available on TritonLink, at the Registrar's Office, or from provost or departmental student offices - a link to an electronic version of the form can be found below. Please complete petitions carefully, accurately, and completely. Be specific and clear as to what you are requesting and why.

You will be notified via email of the decision made by the department on your petition. Please note that while some petitions (particularly those requesting exceptions to University rules) may require further approval and may take additional time, most petitions are reviewed within 1-2 weeks. Petitions submitted during quarter breaks or over the summer will normally take longer for resolution.

Petition Form:

The undergraduate student petition form can be obtained at the following site:

Department Exceptions

Used for course equivalencies, EAP coursework, and math major exceptions.

Courses from other institutions:

1. Check with Mathematics Undergraduate Student Affairs (AP&M 7409) to see if a course equivalency already exists for your course work. If one does, you do not need to petition.

2. Fill the petition out completely, including your contact information and the UCSD course number for which you think your coursework is equivalent.

3. Print out, sign, and attach the Mathematics Petition Information Sheet.

4. Attach to the petition a detailed syllabus for the course from the other institution. The syllabus must include the name of the textbook that was used in the course and the material that was covered. Failure to provide a syllabus with textbook and weekly course topic information may result in petition disapproval.

5. Submit your completed petition to:

For EAP courses: Note - We encourage students to petition before going abroad, though you can still petition after you take the course. There is no guarantee a course you take abroad will be approved.
Major Requirement Substitutions:

1. Meet with the Math Advising Officer before petitioning for a major substitution within one of the math major programs. For a major other than one of the math programs, meet with an advisor in your major department.

2. After meeting with the Math Advising Officer, you may need to meet with your faculty advisor (the Math Advisor will direct you to the appropriate person) to discuss your substitution.

3. Submit a completed petition to the undergraduate student affairs office as above.

University Exceptions

Used for late drop, retroactive add/drop, late change of grading option and retroactive incomplete.

Late/Retro Add/Drop:
(Late adds do not require a petition if completed before the end of week 10).

1. Obtain an undergraduate student petition from either your major department or your college advising office.

2. Complete the petition. Include the reason why the deadline was missed and, if applicable, any documentation to support your reason.

3. Take the petition to the instructor, if available, for signature. Bring the signed petition to the Mathematics Department Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (AP&M 7409).

4. The Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer will route your petition to the Vice Chair and your college for final approval.

Change of Grading Option after Deadline:

1. Be aware that grading option changes made after the deadline are almost never approved. However, you may be required to attempt a petition to change grading from P/NP to Letter if the course is needed for your major or minor.

2. Grading option petitions must include documentation from your major or minor department stating that they cannot accept the course with a P/NP grade.

3. Take the petition to the instructor, if available, for signature. Bring the signed petition to the Mathematics Department Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (AP&M 7409).

Retroactive Incomplete:

1. Submit a petition to the Mathematics Department Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (AP&M 7409) with the request for the retroactive incomplete and include the reason why you missed the deadline.

2. Attach an incomplete form to the petition. If the petition is approved, the incomplete form will be submitted to the Registrar and the "I" will be posted.

3. Attach documentation supporting the reason why you need an incomplete. Examples: A doctor's note stating the dates you were ill, a copy of a death certificate for a family member.