Mathematics Faculty in Statistics

( Total in group: 6 )

Ian Abramson's PhotoIan Abramson
Statistics, Nonparametric Analysis, Biostatistics, Random Coefficient Models, Empirical Bayes Methods

Ph.D. Statistics, University of California, Berkeley
  • NeuroAIDS Research Grant (NIDA)
  • HNRC Research Grant (NIH/NIMH)
  • Regents Faculty Fellowship (UCSD)
  • Regents Fellow (UC, Berkeley)
Ery Arias-Castro's PhotoEry Arias-Castro
Statistics, High-dimensional Statistics, Machine Learning, Spatial Statistics, Image Processing, Applied Probability

Ph.D. Statistics, Stanford University
  • Hellman Fellowship
  • Research supported by grants from the NSF and the ONR
Jelena Bradic's PhotoJelena Bradic
Assistant Professor
Statistics, Applied Probability, High Dimensional Statistics, Stochastic Optimization, Asymptotic Theory

Ph.D. Statistics, Princeton University
  • Hellman Fellow
  • NSF Grant DMS-1205296
  • WCAI University of Pennsylvania Grant Award
  • LAHA Award from Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Dimitris Politis's PhotoDimitris Politis
Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Bootstrap Methods, Nonparametrics

Ph.D. Statistics, Stanford University
  • Guggenheim Fellowship
  • Fellow of the American Statistical Association
  • Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Ronghui Lily Xu's PhotoRonghui "Lily" Xu
Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine
Statistics, Clinical Trials, High Dimensional Data Analysis, Random Effects Models, Survival Analysis

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California, San Diego
  • Fellow of the American Statistical Association (ASA)
  • David P. Byar Young Investigator Award
Wenxin Zhou's PhotoWenxin Zhou
Assistant Professor
Statistics, Asymptotic Theory, Large-scale Statistical Inference, Nonparametric Statistics, Robust Statistics

Ph.D. Statistics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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