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MATH 20E Fulfillment Exam

This exam is designed to enable students who have taken a vector calculus course at a non-articulated university to demonstrate an appropriate level of comprehension to satisfy the MATH 20E requirement. This is NOT a placement test.

In order to receive transfer credit for UCSD MATH 20E, all students must take the MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam.

The exam will be given by the department at the beginning of each quarter. Students will have 45 minutes to complete the exam. No notes, books or calculators will be allowed.

MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam

Exam Date Time Location Registration DEADLINE
Thursday, September 26, 2019
10:00am AP&M 6402 (6th floor) September 23, 2019
All students wishing to take the Math 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam MUST register prior to the exam date by emailing

Students registering after the listed registration deadlines are NOT guaranteed the ability to take the Math 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam.

Include the following 5 items of information in your email:
  1. Your Name
  2. Your PID
  3. The Transfer Course you completed that covered Vector Calculus material
  4. The name of the School where you completed that transfer course
  5. The Exam Date you are registering for
Read the below for additional requirements and info.

Students should bring an undergraduate student petition to the exam. Petitions can be obtained from the Mathematics department undergraduate office located at AP&M 7409, or online HERE. Please fill out the petition with the transfer course and school information.

AP&M Building Entry Access: The security system for the AP&M Building will automatically unlock the entrance doors in the center lobby area of the 1st Floor at 7:00am. Enter the building, then take the stairs or elevators to the floor listed above to the exam room location.

Students should review the following material to see what is typically covered in MATH 20E.

Students who are UNABLE to solve the homework problems and practice tests above should NOT take the MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam and should instead enroll in MATH 20E.

  • Students have only ONE CHANCE at this MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam. So please thoroughly review the material before the exam.
  • Students who have earned a grade or a W for MATH 20E at UCSD are INELIGIBLE for the MATH 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam.

Exam Accommodations
Students with documented disabilities should contact the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) to see if they are eligible for exam accommodations. Students must obtain an OSD Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter to receive accommodations for the Math 20E Requirement Fulfillment Exam.

From the UCSD Course Catalog Description:

20E. Vector Calculus (4)
Change of variable in multiple integrals, Jacobian, Line integrals, Green’s theorem. Vector fields, gradient fields, divergence, curl. Spherical/cylindrical coordinates. Taylor series in several variables. Surface integrals, Stoke’s theorem. Gauss’ theorem. Conservative fields.

For any questions, please contact