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Welcome to Math 20F Lecture A

Instructor Lecture Time (MWF) Location
Ali Behzadan A 8:00 am - 8:50 am CENTR 101

Instructor office hours: (click here)    

Section TA Time (Th) Location Office Hours
A01 Jacob Robins 12 pm WLH 2115 Wed 3 - 5 pm (MATLAB)
Tue 12 - 2 pm (APM 6132)
A02 1 pm
A05 4 pm
A06 5 pm
A03 Samuel Verhaegen 2 pm WLH 2115 Tue 10 - 11 am (MATLAB)
Thu 1 - 2 pm (APM 2313)
A04 3 pm
A07 Yingjia Fu 8 pm APM 5402 Thu 3 - 4 pm (MATLAB)
Fri 3 - 4 pm (APM 5412)
A08 9 pm

Click on your TA's name in the table to send an email to your TA.
Note: MATLAB office hours take place in APM B432

Lecture Notes

The files are password protected. If you do not have the password, please send me an email.

Textbook Information

The required textbook for the course is Linear Algebra and Its Applications (5th Edition), by David C. Lay, Steven R. Lay, and Judi J. McDonald; published by Pearson. (We will cover parts of Chapters 1-6. See the course calendar for a more specific list of topics.)

Exam Information

  • Final Exam: Jun 10 (Friday) 8:00 - 10:59 am. Please go to the following room:
    • If your last name starts with letter: A-R : CENTR 101
    • If your last name starts with letter: S-Z : CENTR 113
    • Info_for_Final_Exam.pdf

  • You must bring a Blue Book to the exam. (You might want to bring two.)
  • You must bring your photo ID.
  • You may not use a calculator or any other electronic devices.
  • You may use one 8.5 x 11 inch page of handwritten notes. (Both sides are okay, but no photocopies are allowed.) This "cheat sheet" may contain anything you deem useful, with the exception of solved problems or examples. You must turn in your cheat sheet with your blue book.
  • You may not use any other notes or books.

Links to old Math 20F exams appear below. The following exams are provided "as is"—exactly as they appeared when administered. They may differ in form and content from the exams given this term. Working through these old exams may be helpful, but it is not a substitute for reviewing your notes, homework, and keeping up with the class on a daily basis.

Extra Credit

Each homework assignment contains some questions marked in bold. You will get extra credit if you come to my office hours on Friday or Saturday* and explain your solutions to those questions on the board. For each successful presentation you will earn 1/2 point extra credit which will be added directly to your final quarter grade.
*Note: During Weekends all building entry doors will be locked 24/7. Make sure to bring your UCSD photo ID card; you need to swipe your UCSD photo ID card at an OMNILOCK access control device near either north/south center lobby glass doors to unlock.

Problem Sessions

I will hold problem sessions every Friday from 6:00 pm to 7:10 pm in SOLIS 107. We will not cover new material. I will just do extra examples.

Review Sessions

If possible, please attend the review sessions ahead of the exams.

  • Review 1
    • Friday, Apr 15, 5:00p-9:00p in SOLIS 104 (for sections A01-A04)
    • Saturday, Apr 16, 1:00p-5:00p in SOLIS 104 (for sections A05-A08)
  • Review 2
    • Friday, May 13, 5:00p-9:30p in SOLIS 104 (for sections A01-A04)
    • Saturday, May 14, 1:00p-5:30p in SOLIS 104 (for sections A05-A08)
  • Review 3
    • Friday, Jun 3, 5:00p-10:00p in CENTR 109 (for sections A01-A04)
    • Saturday, Jun 4, 1:00p-6:00p in SOLIS 104 (for sections A05-A08)


    I would like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Adam Bowers and Professor John Eggers for letting me use the contents of their web pages.

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