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Homework Guidelines

(Kindly provided by John Eggers.)
  1. Format Guidelines
    • Include in your written assignment only those problems enclosed in square brackets, for example [100].
    • Type your solutions up (preferably using LaTeX).
    • Submit your assignment via Gradescope as a PDF file.
    • Be sure to include your name prominently in your document.
    • Here is a checklist written by a former TA that you might find helpful.
  2. Punctuality Guidelines
    • Submit your assignment via Gradescope by 11:00pm on the date due.
    • Acceptance of late assignments will require consent of the instructor.
    • Requests to submit a late assignment will be denied if made more than one day past the due date.
  3. Attribution Guidelines
    • You may consult any book, periodical, website, or person for assistance.
    • Give credit to any book, periodical, website, or person from which you obtained assistance. (Note: You need not mention assistance from the professor, TA, or mentors.)
      • Mary Jones told you the main idea for proof in problem 1.1. You would write something like: "Mary Smith told me the main idea for this proof."
      • You found the solution to problem 2.1 in "Naive Set Theory" by Paul Halmos. You would write something like: "I found this solution in Naive Set Theory by Paul Halmos."
    • There is no penalty for finding a solution in a book or website, or getting it from a friend; however, failing to give credit to the book or website, or your friend would not be honest and could be considered plagiarism. Celebrate your sources by honoring them!
    • It is, of course, to your benefit to discover and work out as many of the solutions for yourself as possible; however, research and discussion with peers is a very helpful part of the learning process.

Homework Problems

To be announced