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Exam Information

For all exam dates, see the Course Calendar.
(This page last updated on: 14 Apr 2016.)

  • You must bring your ID.
  • You may use a calculator, but all answers must be accompanied by work.
  • You may not use any notes, but a list of formulas will be provided. (See the "Formula Sheets" below.)

Midterm Exam 1:   22 Apr 2016 (in class)
Topics Covered:  Weeks 1 - 3 (but no random variables).

Midterm Exam 2:   20 May 2016 (in class)
Topics Covered:  Weeks 1 - 7, with emphasis on Weeks 4 - 7 (but not including Chapter 20).

Final Exam:   10 Jun 2016 (8-11 am)
Topics Covered:  Every topic discussed in class.

FINAL EXAM Seat Assignments

Seat assignments for the final exam are available in the TritonEd Grade Center. The exam will be held in two rooms:

Warren Lecture Hall 2001 (WLH_2001)
Center Hall 109 (CNTR_109)

Your Final Exam location is listed under "Exam Room". Your seat is listed under "Exam Seat". Your seat assignment will look different depending on what building you are in:

WLH means Warren Lecture Hall 2001 (WLH 2001)
CTR means Center Hall 109 (CNTR 109)


WLH_E-16 means you are in WLH 2001 in seat E-16
CTR_F-03 means you are in CENTR 109 in seat F-03

Your "Exam Seat" will have the form XXX_Y-ZZ. If you are not seeing the whole thing because you are on a mobile device, please log into TritonEd using a desktop to view the entire seat assignment.

Formula Sheets

Although you will be permitted to use calculators on exams, you will not be permitted to use any books or notes. However, so that you can concentrate on learning concepts rather than memorizing formulas, some formulas will be provided for you on the exams. You are responsible for looking at these formulas before the exam and understanding what they mean. Questions about the formulas will not be answered during the exam.

Sample Exams

Past exams (from Spring 2014) are posted to TritonEd under "Content" in the "Sample Exams" directory. These are not intended as practice exams. These are to give you some idea of what Math 11 exams might look like. However, actual content and format may vary from term to term.