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Scanning and Uploading Exams to GradeScope

Prepared by John Eggers and Marc Loschen.

  1. Sort the exams by version, and then sort each version stack (roughly) into alphabetical order. (This will make it easier to fix scanning errors later, if there are any.)
  2. Cut off the corners with staples from each exam. (Scissors work much better than the guillotine paper cutter in the mailroom).
  3. Scan the exams using one of the HP scanners (in the 5th floor computer room or the 7th floor printer room). This can be done in batches of 80-100 sheets. (Be sure to avoid splitting any exams: Each batch should consist of complete exams.) Here is a step-by-step scanning checklist for the HP scanners:
    1. Load a batch of 80-100 sheets in the tray face up with the clipped side toward the feeder
    2. Press <Email>.
    3. Press <To>, press <File Name> and enter the file name (e.g., “Batch_1”).
    4. Press <More Options>.
    5. Press <Original Sides>, select <2-sided>, and press <OK>.
    6. Press <Color/Black>, select <Black/Gray>, and press <OK>.
    7. Press <Image Adjustment>, move <Darkness> slider to far right ("Darker"), move <Contrast> slider to far left (“Less”), move <Sharpness> slider to far right (“More”), and press <OK>.
    8. Press <Send Email>.
    9. Press <Retain settings for next job> (and be sure it is checked).
    10. Load the next batch (as in step (a)), press the up arrow in the middle of the screen, press <File name>, and enter the new file name (e.g., “Batch_2”).
    11. Press <Send Email>.
    12. Press <Retain settings for next job> (and be sure it is checked).
    13. Repeat steps (i) – (k) until all exams are scanned.
  4. In GradeScope, follow the link to the appropriate assignment (exam) and follow the instructions under <Manage Scans>.

Exporting GradeScope Scores to TritonEd