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Follow this link to log into the TritonEd Learning Management System:   (opens in new window)

How do I request TritonEd for my Course?

Beginning Spring Quarter 2017, TritonEd sites will be created automatically, according to the schedule of classes, no longer requiring the submittal of a CINFO request by instructors. The course will be visible to you when you log into TritonEd. However, by default, the course will be hidden from the students (in case you don't wish to use TritonEd). Here are the instructions to activate your course:

  1. Click the course name.
  2. Under "Customization", select "Properties".
  3. Under "Set Availability", go to "Make Course Available" and select "Yes".
  4. Click "Submit".

Registered students will be added to your TritonEd courses on the first day of the quarter.

How do I add TAs to the TritonEd for my Course?

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Login using your Active Directory (AD) username and password.
  3. Select your course.
  4. Click on "Course Tools".
  5. Select "Teaching Assistants".
  6. Enter your TA's name and select the desired Access Level (see above). Then click on "Add Teaching Assistant".

How do I make a new (blank) page in TritonEd?

  1. Turn on “Edit Mode”.
  2. In the upper left, above the course name, press the “+” button.
  3. Select “Blank Page”.
  4. Assign a name (e.g., “Course Information”) and select “Submit”.
  5. Add content, make available to users, and click “Submit”.

How do I set a new "front" page in TritonEd?

  1. Under “Customization” select “Teaching Style”.
  2. Scroll down to “2. Select Course Entry Point”.
  3. In the pull down menu, select the desired entry point (e.g. “Course Information”).
  4. Click “Submit”.

How are students recognized by TritonEd?

TritonEd recognizes students by username and not by PID. If you wish to upload a spreadsheet with scores (for example), then they do not need to be organized by student name or PID, but they must have student usernames attached. For most students, the username is the part of their UCSD email address before the "@" symbol. There are some exceptions (notably any students enrolled through UCSD Extension).

How do I upload spreadsheet content to TritonEd?

The following procedure can be used to upload information from a spreadsheet, such as scores, to TritonEd. There are only so many file types that TritonEd will recognize. In the remaining discussion, it is assumed that a .csv file called "assignment_scores.csv" contains two columns: one column is called "Scores" (and contains the scores from some assignment or exam) and the other column is called "usernames" (and contains the usernames of the students in your class).

The procedure we are about to describe results in a column in TritonEd with heading "Scores" that contains the assignment/exam score for each student. If there are other columns in the .csv file, such as "Column 1" and "Column 2", then this process will also create columns in TritonEd called "Column 1" and "Column 2", so if you only want a "Score" column, then you should delete all other columns. (Do not delete the "username" column, because that is how TritonEd recognizes your students.)

  1. Log into TritonEd.
  2. Select "Grade Center" and then "Full Grade Center".
  3. Select "Work Offline" (upper right) and then "Upload".
  4. Click "Browse My Computer" and then select the file "assignment_scores.csv". Click submit.
  5. At this point you might get a long red banner at the top of your screen with an error message that says
    "Error: The following usernames are invalid: ..."
    You may ignore this error message. The users it lists are not in your class. (They are likely students that dropped the class, TAs, administrative staff, etc.) When you click "Submit", TritonEd will ignore these extra users.

  6. Click "Submit".
  7. You will now have a column in your Grade Center called "Scores". The default data type is "Text" and the default "Points Possible" is 0. You may change these settings by following these optional steps:

  8. Activate the pull-down menu on the WebWork column by clicking the downward pointing arrowhead. Select "Edit Column Information".
  9. Change "Points Possible" to the number listed above.
  10. Change "Primary Display" to "Score".
  11. Change "Options".

How do I upload WebWork scores to TritonEd?

Please see the instructions for this procedure in the WebWork page.

How do I upload WileyPlus scores to TritonEd?

Please see the instructions for this procedure in the WileyPlus page.