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Exporting WeBWorK Scores
Saving and Reusing a WeBWorK Course

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Exporting WeBWorK Scores

Saving and Reusing a WebWork Course

(Courtesy of Glenn Tesler)

In case you'll be teaching a similar class again, you may want to save a number of files so you can re-use homework sets and any edited .pg files in the future. Go to the "File Manager" to download these:

Configuration files: Homework sets: There are two parts to this.
  1. The problem set definition files, which list which problems are in each set (by long path names), the number of points on each problem, number of tries, set open/due/answer dates, etc. But it does not have the code for any of the problems.
  2. The code for the problems (.pg files and possibly others, like graphics).
Problem set definition files (setXYZ.def): Problems you created or edited: To use these in a future course: