Follow this link to log into the WileyPlus Online Homework System:  https://www.wileyplus.com  (opens in new window)

What is a Session Error?

A Session Error is the most frequently encountered WileyPlus error. It is caused by old data in the browser's cache, usually left over when an old session is ended before WileyPlus expects it. You can resolve it by clearing the browser's cache and cookies. The procedure is explained in the Student Resource Page.

Where can I find my class section URL?

Click on "Class Section Info" and then on "Class Section Properties." In the middle of the page, there is a drop-down, where you can select the name of the class section. Beneath the drop-down is the Class Section URL. This is what you will provide to your students. Here is a quick tutorial on where to find that information.

Is there an easy way to get the WileyPLUS course information to my students?

Click on "Class Section Info" and then on "Class Section Properties." At the bottom of the page is a button that is labeled "STUDENT INFORMATION FLYER". If you click on this button, you will be given a PDF with your course's information. Posting this flyer on your course web page is a good way to get the necessary information to your students.

How do my students to register for WileyPlus?

Give your students the Class Section URL (see above) and they can register themselves. Make sure to tell the students use their official UCSD email address. (Otherwise it might be difficult to export the grades at the end of the term.)

How can I create an assignment using questions that I choose?

Click on "Assignment" and then on the upper right hand side, click on "Create New Assignment." Follow the five steps to complete the process, and then you will be able to assign this to your classes. Here is a tutorial on how to create an assignment.

How can I assign my colleagues' assignments that are already made?

Click on "Assignment," and then select "Other Instructors" in the search boxes. Click on Go. It is recommended that you select "Show Per Page — ALL" so you can see everything at once. Find the assignment that you want to assign, and on the right hand side, click on "Assign." Here is a tutorial on how to assign another instructor's homework assignment.

How do I open new class sections? I used it last semester, but now I need new sections.

Here is a PDF that will show you how to "finish" your "old" sections. An instructor can always "finish" a course, but only the WileyPLUS Administrator can open a new course. If you are planning to use WileyPLUS for a course which uses a Wiley book, then contact your WileyPLUS Administrator right away. (The current WileyPLUS Administrator is Adam Bowers.)

Do my students who took Math 10A last term need to buy a new registration code for Math 10B?

Students do not need to buy a new registration code when continuing with the next course in a sequence. They can go to the new class section URL and put in their email address and password they used previously, and the system will recognize that they do not need to put in a new registration code. This only works if the "old" class sections from the previous semester are "finished." (See above.)

My students have questions about WileyPLUS. Where can I send them?

If your students are having technical issues with WileyPLUS, please tell them to contact Technical Support. Students can "Live Chat" with someone in real time about any questions or problems they may have.

How do I download my WileyPlus scores?

Go to "Gradebook" and under "Class", select your Class Section. Highlight "All Sources" and "All XX assignments", where XX is the number of assignments that have been assigned. Click "SEARCH" and the scores will display in your web browser. Click on the "EXPORT" button to download a .csv file (probably called "gradebook.csv") with the scores. The "total score" will be listed in a column called "Raw Score".

Before clicking the "SEARCH" button, you can choose to have the score represented as a fraction (X/Y) or as a percentage (%). This only applies to the view in your web browser and has no effect on the .csv file. The option "Include Class Section Totals for selected assignments" will provide a "Raw Score" column in your web browser view, but again has no effect on the .csv file, which will provide the "Raw Score" column regardless.

How do I upload my WileyPlus scores to TritonEd?

It is assumed that you already have a .csv file with the students' WileyPlus scores called "gradebook.csv" (see above). You need only two columns of the .csv file: "Raw Score" and "Login". TritonEd keeps track of students by the username, which is (usually) the part of the UCSD email address before the @ symbol. The "Login" column contains the email address the student used to register for WileyPlus. (This is why it is so important that the students register for WileyPlus using their UCSD email address.)

TritonEd can only upload files if they are in the correct format. Here, we describe one way to upload the scores to TritonEd:

  1. Log into TritonEd and go to the Full Grade Center.
  2. Click on "Create Column".
  3. Choose a "Column Name" (we will use "WileyPlus"), select "Score" for the "Primary Display" (which should be the default), and enter the "Points Possible".
  4. Click "Submit".
  5. Click on "Work Offline" (upper right) and select "Download". You can either select "Full Grade Center" or "Selected Column" (with "WileyPlus" selected). It does not matter which you select, because we will delete most of the columns anyway. For "Delimiter Type", choose "Tab" (the default) for a .xls file or "Comma" for a .csv file. We will assume the default "Tab" was chosen.
  6. Click "Submit" to go to the "Download" page and click on the "DOWNLOAD" button. This will download a .xls file with a name like "gc_MATH20C_SP15_Bowers_fullgc_2015-06-23-08-44-02". (Don't change the name.)
  7. Open the .xls file. Delete all columns except "Username" and "WileyPlus". The full heading of the "WileyPlus" column should be something like "WileyPlus [Total Pts: 130] |165396". Don't change this heading.
  8. Open the WileyPlus gradebook.csv file. You need only two columns in this file: "Login" and "Raw Score". Delete the contents of "Username" (in the .xls file) and replace it with the entries from "Login". Paste the contents of "Raw Score" in the "WileyPlus" column (making sure to not change the order of the entries). You can close the gradebook.csv file.
  9. The entries in the "Username" column (in the TritonEd .xls file) are now email addresses. You need to convert these into usernames by removing "@ucsd.edu" from each entry. This can easily be done by using the "Find/Replace" feature in Excel. (Replace "@ucsd.edu" with ""; that is, replace it with nothing.)

    Note: If any of your students did not use their UCSD email address, then that will be evident at this point, because they will still have an email address listed under "Username". Just ignore this for now.

  10. Save the changes to your .xls file.
  11. Go back to the TritonEd "Full Grade Center".
  12. Select "Work Offline" (upper right) and then "Upload".
  13. Click "Browse My Computer" and then select the file .xls file. Click submit.

    Note: At this point you will get a long red banner at the top of your screen with an error message that says
    "Error: The following usernames are invalid: ..."
    Ignore this error message. The users it lists are either not in your class (because they dropped, for example) or they gave you the wrong email address. When you click "Submit", TritonEd will ignore these extra users.

  14. Click "Submit".
  15. You should now have score posted to the TritonEd Grade Center for the majority of your students. The students that gave you the wrong email address will have a blank entry for their scores. If you wish to assign them a score, you will have to do so manually. (It is usually easy to spot them in the .xls file, because they will be the students that have an email address listed under "Username".)