Adam Bowers | Department of Mathematics | UC San Diego

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a "Cheat-Sheet" on the exam?

You certainly are not allowed to cheat, so you can't have a "cheat-sheet", but you might be allowed to have a sheet of notes for the exam. Check the course web page for your particular course because some courses allow it and other courses do not. If your course allows a page of notes, then: You may bring one 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of handwritten notes with you to the examinations. You may use both sides. No photocopies or scans are allowed. (You may bring only one sheet to the final exam.)

Can I take the exam/quiz at an alternate time?

Unfortunately, the math department does not have the resources necessary to allow alternate times for exams or quizzes. We understand that sometimes missing a quiz or an exam is inevitable. For this reason, we drop the lowest quiz score. In most courses, we also provide an alternate method for computing your grade that does not include your lowest midterm exam score. (See the syllabus for your course.) This allows you to miss one exam without ruining your grade.

Note: If you have a documented disability or must miss the quiz/exam for a university sponsored activity, then arrangements can be made using the standard procedures.

Will the exam be curved?

The exam scores will not be curved. However, we may adjust the scale that determines the letter grades. (See your class syllabus for the standard grading scale.)

Note: We will not know if the letter grade scale will be adjusted (or by how much) until after the final grades are computed. Usually no adjustment is made.

Can I turn in my homework late?

Late homework will not be accepted. There is ample time and opportunity to turn in all assignments before they are due. If you are going to be out of town the day an assignment is due, you should turn it in (via the homework drop box) before you leave.

Note: This does not necessarily apply to online homework. Some online homework systems (such as WileyPLUS) allow assignments to be turned in late for a reduced score.

Can I have a Letter of Recommendation?

I will probably be willing to write you a letter of recommendation, provided I have some experience with your work. (If you have been my student, for example.) If I do write a letter of recommendation for you, I will want to include your grade and/or rank in my class. This information is protected (under FERPA) and can only be included in a letter of recommendation with your permission. In order to be FERPA compliant, please fill out my Letter of Recommendation Waiver and return it to me. The waiver is how I keep track of the letters I am supposed to write and for whom I am supposed to write them. If I don't have a waiver, I don't need to write a letter. Savvy?

Where is the AP&M building? And what does that stand for, anyway?

The Applied Physics and Mathematics building (known variously as AP&M or just APM) is on Muir College campus near the statue of the Sun God. Here we are on a map!