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TA Office Hours

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TA Name Office Hours
Tingyi Zhu Thursday 9-10 am (APM 5412)
Juan Bernal Tuesday 2-4 pm (APM 5412)
Li Pan Tuesday 2-3 pm (APM 5720)

Discussion Sections (Math 11)

TA Name Section No. Time (Tuesday) Location
Tingyi Zhu A1 9:00 A.M. APM 2301
Juan Bernal A2 10:00 A.M. APM 2301
A3 11:00 A.M.
Li Pan A4 12:00 P.M. APM 2301

Lab Meetings (Math 11L)

TA Name Lab No. Time (Thursday) Location
Tingyi Zhu A 10:00 A.M. APM B432
Juan Bernal B 12:00 A.M. APM B432
C 12:00 P.M.
Li Pan D 1:00 P.M. APM B432

APM B432 is in the basement of the AP&M building.