LaunchPad for Waitlisted Students

If you hope to enroll in this class, you must keep up with the homework in order to get full credit.

Due dates will not be extended for students who enroll late and you will not be able to submit your homework late.

If you want full credit for the homework, but do not want to pay for LaunchPad unless you know you will be in the class, then register using the "I need to pay later" option. This gives you free trial access to our LaunchPad course for free for 21 days.

All lectures use the same LaunchPad course, so if you end up changing lectures, your LaunchPad access will not change at all.

Note: When your free trial access has expired, you must re-enroll with an access code purchased from our bookstore or through the publisher's website. You should enter the same first name, last name, email address, and password to ensure that your work and grades remain associated with your account. If you do not use the same email address, all the work your have completed will be lost.

For detailed instructions on using the free trial access, click here.

Chances of Getting into the Class

We have no idea what your chances are of actually getting into the lecture. If you are listed as 3 on the waitlist, that means 3 students must leave from your specific section, not from the lecture. (We cannot let in more students than there are seats.)