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Email Archive

This is an archive of all email messages sent to the entire class. (Winter 2016.)

March 14, 2016

Subject: Math 20A Final Exam Information
Date: March 14, 2016 at 3:39:41 PM PDT

Dear Math 20A Students,

The final exam for Math 20A is Wednesday (Mar 16) from 3:00 - 6:00 pm in SOLIS 104.

Information about the final exam, including exam topics, can be found on the course website:

All students will take the exam in SOLIS 104 (which is our usual lecture hall). Seat assignments for 
the exam are posted in the TritonEd Grade Center. 

You must bring your Student ID (it will be checked *during* the exam!) and at least one Blue Book. 
(You should probably bring two, just in case.) You may bring one sheet of notes (both sides are okay), 
but they must be handwritten (no photocopies).

Ol' Doc Bowers

March 4, 2016

Subject: Math 20A Homework
Date: March 4, 2016 8:13:12 PM PST

Dear Math 20A Lecture B Students,

The due dates for the last two homework assignments have been extended:

HW 09 is due Monday, March 7.
HW 10 is due Monday, March 14.

These assignments are still due at the regular 5:00 am time.

Ol' Doc Bowers

February 21, 2016

Subject: MATH 20A - Bowers [WI16]: Math 20A Exam 2 Information
Date: February 21, 2016 9:28:03 PM PST

Dear Students,

Information for Exam 2 can be found on the class website:

In particular, notice that the list of topics no longer includes Section 4.4. Since we were unable to 
finish that section on Friday (because of the poor state of the chalkboard), we will finish it this 
week, and consequently I removed it from the exam.

Also, your seat assignment is posted in the TED grade center.  Be sure you know your seat assignment 
(and section number) BEFORE you arrive at the exam on Friday.


Ol' Doc Bowers

January 26, 2016

Subject: MATH 20A - Bowers [WI16]: Midterm Exam 1
Date: January 26, 2016 at 11:02:36 AM PST
To: "MATH 20A - Bowers [WI16]":;

Dear Math 20A Lecture B Students,

The first Math 20A midterm exam is Friday (in class).  For information about the exam, such as 
exam locations, which topics will be covered, what you can and cannot bring to the exam, and past 
midterm exams, see the class webpage:

Please note that you MUST BRING A BLUE BOOK in which to write your exam. Blue Books are sold in 
the UCSD bookstore, as well as various other places around campus.

You may see the first page of Exam 1 here:

The first page contains the instructions for the exam.  Note that #8 says "Do not use l'Hospital's 
Rule anywhere on this exam."

Also, be sure to read QUESTION ZERO, which is worth one point.

Your seat assignments are posted in the TEd Grade Center.  "SOL-104" means you will be taking the 
exam in Solis Hall 104. Seat assignments for Solis 104 are given in the form A-12, which means your 
seat is number 12 in row A. "SOL-110" means you will be taking the exam in Solis Hall 110. Solis 110 
does not have numbered seats, so your seat assignment is listed as N/A if you are in Solis 110.

Ol' Doc Bowers

January 03, 2016

Subject: Math 20A Lecture B Winter 2016
Date: January 3, 2016 8:22:06 PM PST

Dear Students,

You are receiving this email message because you are enrolled in (or on the waitlist for) Math 20A 
Lecture B (with me) at UCSD this Winter Quarter.

*Math 20A Course Website*
Everything you need to know about the course (including the course calendar and syllabus) can be 
found on the course website:

*Online Homework*
This quarter we will be using an online homework system called WebWork, which is an online homework 
system that is provided at no cost to the students. You should be able to access the online homework 
by January 4. Please visit the following URL for login information:

Please make sure you are aware of the deadlines for the Homework Assignments and the Syllabus Quiz. 
Official due dates are posted in WebWork.

I hope everyone will have an enjoyable Winter Quarter.

Adam Bowers