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How to Register for CalcPortal

Unlike the other sections of Math 20B during Winter Quarter, Lecture C will be using an online homework system called CalcPortal (provided freely this quarter by the publisher of our textbook).

To sign up for our course on CalcPortal, you should:

  1. Go to (Mac users need to use Firefox).
  2. Click on the link "REGISTER AN ACTIVATION CODE."
  3. You will be prompted to follow the on-screen instructions to find your course. You then select:
    • the school's state/province (CA),
    • the school name (University of California, San Diego),
    • your course/instructor (Calculus for Science and Engineering - Bowers, Adam).
  4. You need to enter the activation code (Can be found in TED).
  5. You must enter your UCSD email address.
  6. Choose a password and you will be ready to go!

Note: If you do not use your UCSD email address, you may not get credit for your homework!

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