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(Updated Jan 14)

Discussion Leader Section Time (Thu) Location Office Hours
Shaunak Das C1 5 pm WLH 2206 Mon, Wed 11-11:50 am (APM 6414)
Mon, Wed 1-1:50 pm (Calc Lab)
C2 6 pm
C3 7 pm
C4 8 pm
Scott Duane C5 5 pm WLH 2208 Monday 9-11 am (Calc Lab)
Friday 11-1 pm (APM 6434)
C6 6 pm
C7 7 pm
C8 8 pm
Connor Sawaske C9 7 pm YORK 3000A Friday 11-noon (APM 6446)
Wednesday 10-11 am (Calc Lab)
C10 8 pm


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