Final Exam Information

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Final Examination
Date:  Mar 18 (SATURDAY)
Time:  8:00-10:59 A.M.   (In the MORNING!)

Topics Covered:  The Final Exam is cumulative and covers all topics discussed in class.

Instructor Lecture Time (MWF) Lecture Location of Exam
Adam Bowers 9:00 A.M. A WLH 2001 / WLH 2005
(Assigned Seating)
Thang Huynh 3:00 P.M. B CENTR 115 / CENTR 119
(Assigned Seating)
Edward Dewey 1:00 P.M. C CENTR 101 / CENTR 216
(Assigned Seating)
Kenny Barrese 2:00 P.M. D LEDDN AUD
(Assigned Seating)

SEAT ASSIGNMENTS: Your instructor will provide you with a seat assignment.