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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is specifically for Math 20C during Summer Session 1 and 2. For other courses, the answers may be different.
You should check the FAQ for those specific courses by going to their webpages.

Can I use a "cheat sheet" on the exams?

You may not use any notes for the midterm exams. For the final exam, you may use one 8.5 x 11 inch page of handwritten notes (both sides are okay, but no photocopies are allowed). You may not use your book during any exam.

Can I use a calculator on the exams?

You are permitted to use a calculator. You may not use a cell phone or other electronic device.

Can I have extra credit?

There is no extra credit for this course (or any course that I teach). It is imperative that you try your best on each homework assignment, lab assignment, and exam.

Can I take the exam at an alternate time?

Exams will not be offered at alternate times and make-up exams will not be given. However, if you miss a midterm exam because of extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness or family emergency, and document the circumstances, then you may substitute your final exam score for the missed exam. If you cannot take the final exam at the required time, then you should not enroll in this class.

Note: If you have a documented disability or must miss the exam for a university sponsored activity, then arrangements can be made using the standard procedures.

Can I turn in my homework after the deadline?

Solutions to the online homework assignments will be made available after the due date. Consequently, late submissions for homework are not allowed.

Can I drop my lowest homework or exam grade?

No homework or exam grades will be dropped. It is important that you do every assignment and that you try your best on each one. Homework assignmentsa are designed to improve your understanding of the material and increase your familiarity with the techniques used in solving problems.

Will the exam grades be curved?

The exam grades will not be curved. At the end of the quarter, the numerical grades will be computed according to the formula on the  "Course Syllabus". We may adjust the "letter grade" scale to be more lenient (depending on the performance of the class). Please note that there are no D grades in the Math 20 sequence.