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Online homework will be done using WileyPlus.  (Login:


In order to use WileyPlus, you must buy a copy of the book that has the WileyPLUS Online Homework code. Otherwise you will have to buy the code separately (which is not cheap). If you want ELECTRONIC ONLY ACCESS TO THE TEXTBOOK, you can buy the WileyPLUS code separately. Then you do not need to buy a physical copy of the book. (This is the cheapest option.)

Note:  You have unlimited attempts on the standard "fill-in-the-blank" assignments, but you have only THREE attempts for each question in an assignment labeled "Multiple Choice".

How to Register

You need to register for the lecture in which you are enrolled. Find your instructor/lecture and then follow the link to the corresponding WileyPlus course. (For more information, see the course flyer by clicking the link in parentheses.)

Instructor Lecture WileyPlus Link
Adam Bowers A   (Information Flyer)

Important: Register for WileyPlus using your UCSD email address and Student ID. Failure to do so may result in loss of your homework grade!

Syllabus Quiz

The Syllabus Quiz can be found in WileyPlus. It has 10 question, each one multiple choice or True/False. You have one attempt per question. The quiz is "open syllabus," so you may have the syllabus open when you take the quiz. The Syllabus Quiz is due on the Friday of Week 2 and will be counted towards your homework grade.

Late Homework

It is possible to submit WileyPlus homework after the deadline; however, there are penalties for late submissions. Late submissions earn a maximum of 50% of their total score. This penalty applies only to exercises submitted after the due date and not to those already submitted before the due date.

Note:  Homework may not be submitted after the day of the Final Exam.