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Account setup and logging in

Using WeBWorK

WeBWorK syntax

The following is a list of accepted WebWork functions.   (This list is taken from the MAA List of Available Functions.)

Mathematical Symbols Available In WeBWorK

+ Addition
- Subtraction
* Multiplication can also be indicated by a space or juxtaposition, e.g. 2x, 2 x or 2*x, also 2(3+4).
/ Division
^ or **       You can use either ^ or ** for exponentiation, e.g. 3^2 or 3**2
( and ) You can also use square brackets, [ ], and braces, { }, for grouping, e.g. [1+2]/[3(4+5)]

WeBWorK is case sensitive. Do NOT write "X" when you really intend "x".

Syntax for entering expressions

Mathematical Constants Available In WeBWorK

Scientific Notation Available In WeBWorK

Mathematical Functions Available In WeBWorK

abs( )
The absolute value
sqrt( )
The positive square root
cos( )
Note: cos( ) uses radian measure
sin( )
Note: sin( ) uses radian measure
tan( )
Note: tan( ) uses radian measure
sec( )
Note: sec( ) uses radian measure
exp( )
The same function as e^x
log( )
The natural log
ln( )
Another name for the natural log
logten( )
The log to the base 10
arcsin( )
sin-1 will not be accepted.
asin( )
Another name for arcsin
arccos( )
acos( )
Another name for arccos
arctan( )
atan( )
Another name for arctan
sinh( )
cosh( )
tanh( )
sech( )
sgn( )
The sign function, either -1, 0, or 1
step( )
The step function (0 if x < 0, 1 if x >=0)
fact( )
The factorial function (defined only for non negative integers)


The above documentation is provided with thanks to Glenn Tesler and the MAA.