Follow this link to log into the WileyPlus Online Homework System:  https://www.wileyplus.com  (opens in new window)

What is a WileyPlus Session Error?

Avoid the session error by logging out of WileyPlus before closing the webpage.

A Session Error is the most frequently encountered WileyPlus issue. It is caused by old data in your browser's cache, usually left over when an old session is ended before WileyPlus expects it. You can resolve a session error by clearing the browser's cache and cookies. The procedure requires that all browsers be closed.

In Google Chrome you can clear your cookies and cache by completing the following procedure:

How do I find my class WileyPLUS course?

Probably your instructor will have a Class Section URL posted on the course website. If you cannot find that, however, you can find your course (if it is active) using the WileyPLUS  "Find Your Class"  tool. Enter "UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO" and click on "Find". You should be able to find your course listed in the table that appears.

How do I register for WileyPlus?

You need a WileyPLUS access code. You can buy one separately or you can buy it with your textbook. If you buy your book at the UCSD bookstore, it comes with a code. If you buy your book elsewhere, you might have to buy a separate code, which is not cheap. If you do not want a physical copy of the book, you can buy the code only. The code gives you access to an electronic version of the book, so you do not need to buy a physical copy if you do not want one. This is the cheapest option. When you register, make sure you do so using your official UCSD email address. Failure to do so may result in a zero homework score.

Do I have to use my UCSD email address when registering for WileyPLUS?

Your homework scores are linked to you through your UCSD email address. If you don't register with WileyPLUS using your UCSD email address, we might not be able to identify you and we might not be able to determine which homework score belongs to you. Thus, if you do not register with your UCSD email address, we may not be able to assign you a homework score, and consequently you may be given a score of zero. In other words, make sure you use your UCSD email address.

I took Math 10A last term. Do I need to buy a new registration code for Math 10B?

You do not need to buy a new registration code when continuing with the next course in a sequence. If you used WileyPLUS for Math 10A, then you can use the same code to register for WileyPLUS for Math 10B (or Math 10C). Just go to the new class section URL and put in your email address and password you used previously. The system will recognize you. The registration code is tied to the book, not to any particular course, so the code gives you access to any course using that book.

I am having some technical difficulties with WileyPLUS. Who should I contact about them?

If you are having technical issues with WileyPLUS, please contact Technical Support. Your instructor has very little control over what goes on with WileyPLUS, so you need to go to WileyPLUS directly. If you contact WileyPLUS Technical Support, you can "Live Chat" with someone in real time about any questions or problems you may have.