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MATH 103A: Modern Algebra I
Fall 2010

MWF 11:00-11:50am in Center Hall 222

Final exam: Tuesday, 12/07/2010, 11:30am-2:30pm

News and Announcements

12/10/2010     The grades are posted on webct. The passing score for the final was 113.

12/08/2010     The final exam scores and the letter grades will be posted on webct over the weekend. The tests will NOT be handed back. If you want to see your exam, you can come and look at it in my office (until January 3rd) or your Ryan's office (after January 3rd).

12/06/2010  The last hw solutions have been posted on webct.

12/05/2010  Office hours tonight 6:30-8pm.

12/05/2010  Due to an emergency, I have to cancel today's office hours scheduled for 1-2:30pm. I will try to reschedule for later in the day, so please check back here. I will try to make an announcement today around 4:30pm. I am sorry about this last minute change, but it is out of my control.

12/02/2010  Practice problems for the final.

12/01/2010  Solutions to the worksheet problems.

11/29/2010  Homework solutions are posted on webct.

11/21/2010   All remaining homework assignments are now posted.

11/20/2010   Alina's office hours on Tuesday 11/23 and Wednesday 11/24 are canceled.

11/19/2010   There will be no class on W 11/24.

11/19/2010   The homework solutions will be posted on webct from now on (starting with hw6; hw1-5 are on Ryan's webpage).

11/09/2010   I finally posted the solutions to the first midterm. They are on the exam page. But I will NOT post solutions to the makeup problems.

11/02/2010   I updated the midterm scores on webct. The new median is 64.9.

10/26/2010   The makeup problems are due by 5pm, Friday 10/29 in the usual homework box.

10/22/2010   Errata for the makeup problems: in problem #3, it should be "xR, x ≠ 1/2"

10/22/2010   I posted the midterm scores on webct. As I announced today in class, the median score was 44. Thus, I decided to give everyone a chance to make up half the points they lost on the score. E.g. if someone had a score of 50/120, (s)he can get up to 35 points back, raising the score to 85. In order to do so, you have to write up solutions to the problems here. I will assign partial credit, so even if you don't do all the problems. you can still raise your score. In order to help you study, here's a review of the concepts covered so far.

10/20/2010   Office hours today are cancelled.

10/18/2010   Due to space constraints, we have 2 exam rooms for the first midterm. Please make sure you go to the right one, according to the initial of your LAST NAME.

Last Name Location of Midterm 1
A - P Center Hall 222
R - Z AP&M 2301

10/17/2010   The exam page is up. It contains info about the first midterm.

10/17/2010   Special office hours before midterm: Monday 10/18, 3:30-4:30pm and Tuesday 10/19, 3-5pm.

10/11/2010   I started a discussion board on webct for the class. Please feel free to discuss homework, ask questions, post suggestions, etc...

10/05/2010   Ryan will post solutions to the homework problems on his webpage. It is linked from the sections tab at the top of the page.

09/29/2010   Please note the changes we made to office hours. And remember that the first homework is due today.

09/23/2010   Instruction begins.

09/20/2010   Beginning of term.

Instructor: Alina Bucur
Office: AP&M 7131
Phone: x4 2125
Office Hours: Tu 2:30-3:30pm
                        W 4-5pm
                        and by appointment

Discussion Sections: Center Hall 201
                                   A01 Tu 5-5:50pm
                                   A02 Tu 6-6:50pm
TA: Ryan Rodriguez
Office: AP&M 6414
Office Hours: M 4-5pm
                        Tu 10-11am

Description: This is the first undergraduate course in abstract algebra. Our main topic will be group theory. Compared to Math 100A, this course goes more slowly, is somewhat less proof-oriented, and spends more time on applications of the theory. For most variations of the math major which require a course in algebra, 103A suffices. If you are considering graduate study in mathematics, however, you should take Math 100A instead.

Prerequisites: Math 109

Textbook: J. Gallian
                  Contemporary Abstract Algebra, 7th ed.
                  Brooks Cole
                  Read the material BEFORE lecture.

Grade: 20% Homework
             20% First midterm
             20% Second midterm
             40% Final Exam

Course Syllabus (in pdf format)