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MATH 20C: Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering
Lecture C, Fall 2010

MWF 2:00-2:50pm in Center Hall 101

Final exam: Wednesday, 12/08/2010, 3-6pm

News and Announcements

12/13/2010     Cut-offs for the letter grades are as follows, assuming YOU PASSED THE FINAL EXAM.

  • A+: 93.5%
  • A: 90.4%
  • A-: 88%
  • B+: 85.5%
  • B: 79%
  • B-: 75.7%
  • C+: 72%
  • C: 62%
  • C-: 57%
  • D: 56%

12/13/2010, 12:30pm     Letter grades have been corrected. Sorry for the computer glitch.

12/13/2010, 10am     Letter grades are up.

12/12/2010, 10:55pm     Letter grades will be posted on webct tomorrow morning by 10am. I was hoping to get this done tonight, but unfortunately, I am too tired to be sure that I enter them correctly.

12/12/2010     The final exam scores are now posted on webct. They are out of 200. Passing score for the final is 74/200. If you want to see your final, I will be in my office tomorrow 3-5pm.

12/08/2010     The final exam scores and the letter grades will be posted on webct over the weekend. The tests will NOT be handed back. If you want to see your exam, you can come and look at it in my office (until January 3rd) or your TA's office (after January 3rd).

12/05/2010     Office hours tonight 6:30-8pm.

12/05/2010     Due to an emergency, I have to cancel today's office hours scheduled for 3-4pm. Sorry! I will try to reschedule later in the day, so please check back here. I hope to make post an announcement around 5pm, but none of this is under my control. Again, sorry!

11/24/2010     There is a typo in problem 18, section 15.3. The outer integral should be from 0 to 3.

11/24/2010     Some help for problem 26, section 15.3, courtesy of James Aisenberg.

11/20/2010     Second midterm scores have been posted on webct.

11/14/2010     All remaining homework assignments are now posted.

11/10/2010     Posted notes for this week (includes notes for Monday 11/08 and Wednesday 11/10).

11/09/2010     Answers to the practice problems are posted on the exam page.

11/07/2010     Exams page has been updated and the study guide for the second midterm is posted there.

11/02/2010     A quick reminder about how office hours work. You can go to any TA's office hours, not just your own. And of course, you are all welcome to my office hours.

10/23/2010     All the homeworks until midterm 2 are now available.

10/22/2010     Exam solutions are up. Go to the exams page to find them.

10/17/2010     I corrected problem #10 on the study guide and updated the answers. Both are linked from the exams page.

10/13/2010     Don't forget to check the exams webpage for further info.

10/13/2010     A study guide for the midterm is posted. It includes a practice test.

10/12/2010     I will hold special office hours before the midterm: Sunday, Oct 17, 3-5pm. As usual, in AP&M 7131.

10/12/2010     The homework webpage has been corrected now. I apologize to those who happened to check it during the brief time it contained a mistake.

10/05/2010     I updated the rules for submitting homework. Namely, I added the requirement that you list on each page your discussion section and the time it takes place. For complete instructions, see the homework page.

09/27/2010     I have decided to post notes containing the summary of what happened in class each week. The summary for week 0 is posted now. In the future, I will try to get the notes up during weekends. They will be linked from the calendar as well.

09/27/2010     Throughout the quarter, the exam and homework scores will be posted on WebCT (see tab at the top of this page). I have also enabled a discussion forum on the website so you can communicate with your fellow students in the course. If you need to switch sections, please use this feature to find somebody to switch with.

09/26/2010     The exams page is up. It has preliminary info about the first midterm.

09/24/2010     The first homework is posted.

09/08/2010     The required textbook is Multivariable Calculus by Jon Rogawski OR Calculus: Early Transcendentals by the same author. The bookstore lists them both as "required", but you only need one of them. We will cover parts of chapters 11-15, which are contained in both books. If you happen to have the right edition for one of them, keep that. If not, the Multivariable Calculus is lighter and cheaper. And quite sufficient. By the way, I won't use the questionnaires that come with one of the books sold by the bookstore.

Instructor: Alina Bucur
Office: AP&M 7131
Phone: x4 2125
Office Hours: F 9-10:30am
                        and by appointment

Textbook: J. Rogawski
                 Multivariable Calculus

Course Policy (updated 9/23/2010)
You are responsible for knowing the information and policies of the course.

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