Math 204: Topics in Analytic Number Theory (winter 2013)

Course description

Instructor: Alina Bucur (alina at math dot ucsd dot edu), APM 7131
Lectures: MWF 10-11am, APM 7241
Office hours:
Tu 1-2pm
and by appointment
Our main sources will be Algebraic Number Theory by Cassels and Fröhlich and the lecture notes. I will also provide additional references, should it become necessary.
I will only assume familiarity with Galois theory as acquired in an advanced level undergraduate course. In particular, this course should be accessible to first year graduate students.
100% homework. Problem sets will be assigned weekly; please do them! It is effectively impossible to learn this subject passively.
You are encouraged to work together, discuss the problems, etc; but the actual solution write-ups must be your own.



The notes for the entire quarter can be found here.