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MATH 20E: Vector Calculus
Lecture A, Fall 2013

TTh 9:30-10:50am in Galbraith Hall 242

Final exam: Thursday, 12/12/2013, 8-11am, in Galbraith Hall 242

News and Announcements

12/17/2013     The final exam scores are now available on TED. The median was 65.5 (out of 100), and in order to pass the final you need at least 41 points. If you passed the final, you need at least 50% overall score in order to pass the class.
Grade cutoffs are as follows:

  • A+ ≥97%, A ≥91.5%, A- ≥ 89%;
  • B+ ≥ 85%, B ≥ 76%, B- ≥ 74%;
  • C+ ≥ 67.5%, C ≥ 60%, C- ≥ 54%;
  • D ≥ 50%.

12/04/2013     The exam page has been updated with information about the final. Please keep an eye on it as all announcements about the final will be posted there.

12/01/2013     Vish will hold special office hours tomorrow (M 12/2) 12-1pm. If you need help with the last hw, please go and ask him.

11/23/2013     The first part of the last homework has been posted. The second part will be posted on Tuesday.

11/21/2013     The next homework will be posted on Tuesday and due after Thanksgiving break.

11/20/2013     Here are some sample exams from Spring 2013: midterm 1, midterm 2, final.
Make no assumptions based on their content. Our exams can be quite different. The above exams are provided "as is", exactly as they appeared when administered. I take no responsibility for errors and no more info/solutions will be provided.

11/19/2013     HW8 has been updated.

11/14/2013     HW7 has been updated: section 4.4 problems are due next week as we have not covered vector curl yet.

11/13/2013     A sample solution for the midterm problems is posted on the exams page.

11/06/2013     Today's office hours are cancelled. (This applies only to me. Check with your TA for an update on his office hours.)

10/31/2013     The exams page has been updated. Click on the corresponding tab in the upper right corner of this page for the most up to date info about the midterm.

10/29/2013     HW5 has been updated.

10/21/2013     Make sure you bring your clicker to the lecture tomorrow.

10/15/2013     The quiz on Thursday 10/17 will be 25min and be worth 15 points. It will cover HW1-3.

10/15/2013     The vector fields (4.3) exercises have been postponed for next week. See updated list of problems for HW3.

10/15/2013     There will be no notes for week 2 and week 3.

10/02/2013     The first quiz will be on October 3 in discussion.

10/01/2013     My office hours tomorrow will have to end at 11am, instead of 11:30am. Sorry!

10/01/2013     TAs' office hours have been posted. Click on the "sections" tab in the upper right corner of this page.

09/30/2013     Homework and quizzes can only be accepted in the section you are registered for. If you want to change the discussion section you are registered in, you need to find a section with available space or find someone to switch with. Once you found someone to swich sections with, email me and I will give you further instructions.

09/30/2013     The course policies have been updated.

09/26/2013     No discussions today.

09/20/2013     Welcome!

Instructor: Alina Bucur
email: alina@math.ucsd.edu
Office: AP&M 7131
Phone: x4 2125
Office Hours: W 10-11:30am
                        and by appointment

Required material (no substitutions):
iClicker 2
Textbook: Marsden and Tromba
                  Vector Calculus, 6th ed.

Course Policies (updated 10/02)
You are responsible for knowing the information and policies of the course.

OASIS workshops Tu, Th 12-2pm