Math 187: Introduction to Cryptography (Spring 2016)

Main Handouts Grades Applets

Lecture: TuTh 8-9:20am, Robinson Auditorium

Instructor: Alina Bucur
Office: AP&M 7151
Office hours: Th 10am-12pm
                    if you cannot make this time, please email me for an appointment

TAs: Quang Bach
A03: M 6pm (APM 7421)
A05: M 5pm (APM 7421)
Office hours: WF 4-5pm in
                        APM 5720
Geoff Ganzberger
A01: M 4pm (HSS 2150)
A02: M 5pm (HSS 2150)
Office hours: Tu, Th 2:30-3:30pm at
                        Muir Woods coffee shop
Zonglin Jiang
A04: M 7pm (APM 7421)
A08: M 8pm (APM 7421)
Office hours: MW 10-11am in
                        APM 6343

Required text: none. Notes will be provided as handouts in class and/or online. For those really interested, a good reference is An introduction to mathematical cryptography by Hoffstein, Pipher and Silverman. (The link provides electronic access through UCSD library.)

Quizzes: There will be 7 or 8 quizzes administered on Tuesdays during lecture. Sample quizzes will be posted on Thursday the previous week.

Final exam: Thursday, June 9, 8-11am in Robinson Auditorium. Please note that by signing up for this course, you are agreeing to sit for the final examination at this date and time. The exam is not cumulative and it counts as 2 quizzes. Please bring a blue book to the final.

Grading: The final will be worth as much as 2 quizzes. The three computer assignments together count as 1 quiz.
It is your responsibility to make sure your grades are recorded in TritonED. If you do not have access to TritonED, make sure you get it by Monday 4/11.
All tests will be open books and open notes. You will not need a computer for the any of the tests, but a calculator might be useful for some of the tests.
The lowest quiz score will be dropped. If you miss one quiz, your score will be 0 on it and that will automatically become your lowest quiz score and be dropped.
No make-up exams and no make-up quizzes will be given. Cheating on an exam/quiz results in 0 points for that test, as well as further disciplinary action. Please read very carefully the following ACADEMIC INTEGRITY GUIDELINES.

Homework: There will be 3 computer assignments on codebreaking using the applets. Together they count as one quiz.

Grade Recording Errors:  All grades are recorded on TritonED.
Only grades that appear in TritonED will be included in calculating the total score for the course.
Keep all of your returned quizzes and hw. If there is any mistake in the recording of your scores, you will need the original assignment/quiz in order for us to make a change. The error has to be reported within 1 week since it occurred. No error reports will be accepted after Tuesday June 1, at 12pm.

Regrade Policy:  All graded material (except the final) will be returned in discussion sections. If you believe there might be an error in the grading and wish to have your quiz/hw regraded, you must observe the following rules:

  1. return your test immediately to your TA. Regrade requests will not be considered once the test leaves the room.
    • If you disagree with the TA's answer to your regrade request, you may ask for the instructor to review it. In order to do this, you must:
      1. Return your test immediately to your TA and,
      2. ask that they forward it to the instructor.
    • Instructor review requests will not be considered once the test leaves the room.
  2. Retrieve your test during discussion section or arrange to pick it up from your TA within one week after it was made available for pickup (i.e., returned) in section. In order to be considered, regrade requests must be submitted within one week after being returned in section.