MA 17: Advanced Placement Calculus
Section 5, Fall 2004

TTh 9:00-10:20am (H hour) in B&H157

News and Announcements

Ben's answers to the final exam.

Mike also wrote answers for the review sheet he made.

Final exam week office hours:
    W 12-5pm
    Th 9am-2pm, 5-8pm
    F 12-1pm (last minute questions only!)

The solutions to the review package I gave you in class, as well as hw#10 and hw#11, are outside my office now. You can pick them up starting Monday morning. The department door (the Thayer St. entrance) will be open starting at around 8-8:30am until 5pm, M-F.

Review stuff: Ben Walter has gathered all the review material from all sections on this webpage. The new link on top of the page will direct you there as well.

Free dinner and movie: tonight at 7pm in Wilson 105 for Math 17, Math 18 and Math 20 students. We'll have pizza from Pizza Pie-er, Indian food from Kabob'N'Curry, and wonderful desserts from Meeting Street Cafe.

You can pick up your graded hw's and solutions to the review package (but unfortunately, not the review sheet) from outside my office starting Monday morning after 10am.

Extra credit: Today I handed out, among other things, a review package with 14 problems that is in the exam format. This package can be turned in for extra credit. How it works: do the problems in conditions as close to exam environment as possible: closed book, closed notes, 3 hour time limit. Come to my office hours next week to discuss your solutions (bring them with you!). If you talk to me about it and I see that you really tried to solve the problems, you get 60 points extra credit on your homework.

Today I also handed out a review sheet that another MA 17 instructor, Mike Lauzon, put together. For each topic, review the appropriate concepts and do the suggeted problems. If you have trouble with any particular topic, if you feel you don't really master the material, do more exercises on it (the textbook has plenty to choose from!). And this is what office hours are for: come and ask me about it. I'll be happy to go over any part of the material. Also, I'll be happy to address any other questions, concerns, comments, etc...

Final exam: Friday 12/17, 2-5pm in MacMillan 117. Please be there by 1:50pm so we can start at 2pm.

Review session for all sections: Tuesday 12/14, 7-10pm in Foxboro auditorium.

The solutions for the second midterm are posted.

Here are some additional problems that you might want to work on.

The handout about infinite series is supposed to help you review the material from chapter 11. It is not a complete list of things you need to know, so don't rely on it only. But make sure you know everything on it. Fill in the statements of the different tests and answer all the questions in there.
The true/false handout is designed to help you clarify some facts about series. By answering those questions you will know not only the statements of the rules about series, but also how they work.
The review handout is based on the second midterm from last year. By the way, read the "disclaimer". Again, doing these problems does not guarantee that you will do well on the midterm, but if you do them you will have acquired some essential calculus skills. Try to solve all the problems in 1 hour, without notes, books, calculators, just like in an actual exam.

Reminder: the second midterm is Tuesday 11/16, 7-8:30pm, in B&H 166, 168.

Review session: Sunday 11/14, 3pm in KH 105.

Attention! HW#9 is due Tuesday 11/16.

Reading assignment for Thursday, 11/04:
  • first 2 pages in section 11.6 (740-741).

Attention! HW#4 is due Tuesday 10/12.

Please read for tomorrow's lecture:
  • Mixing Problems (p. 605-606);
  • Application to Electric Circuits (p. 636-636).

The first midterm is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 at 7pm, in B&H166, 168.


Prof. Kapouleas has office hours W 1-3pm. Once again, his office is in Kassar House, room 315. Now you know where to find him...

Orientation material by Prof. Zucker. Misconceptions and advice about learning mathematics.
Algebra review (pdf). Things you should know.

HW#1 is posted.
Message board is now online! 
The textbook is now on reserve in the Science Library.  

  Syllabus (pdf)

Instructor: Alina Bucur
Office: Kassar House 012
Phone: x3 7956
Office Hours: Tu 11am-1pm, 3-4pm
                         W 4-5pm
                         and by appointment

Head Instructor: Nicos Kapouleas
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