18.03 : Differential Equations
Recitation 5, Spring 2009

TR 11:05-11:55am in 12-142

News and Announcements

05/08/2009   Extra office hours next week Tuesday 5/12, 3:30-5pm, place TBD. They are mostly intended for questions about the extra work (all units), but not limited to that. We can discuss anything from the course.

05/07/2009   More updates to the extra work.

05/05/2009   I updated the extra work.

05/03/2009   Special office hours dedicated to Unit I of the course Monday 5/4/09, 4-5pm, rm 2-167.

05/02/2009   I posted the supplementary exercises for the first three units of the course. They cover the same material as the three hour exams. I will post the last unit later.

04/30/2009   I posted the supplementary exercises I think would help you prepare for the final. Click on the "extra work" link at the top of the page.

04/20/2009   Special office hours: W 4/22 4-6pm, room 2-255.
Review session: Th 4/23 7-9pm, room 4-149.

04/16/2009   The third test is Friday next week and I will hold special office hours and a review session beforehand. The exact times and places will be posted later. Enjoy the mini-break!

03/14/2009   I'll be out of town until after the Hour Exam II. Katrin Werheim will sub for me on Tuesday 3/17. She will return the graded PSet5 then and you'll find her office hours posted on the 18.03 main page. You should also check the main page for announcement about the exam and review sessions, as well as study materials. I'll try to have the exams graded as soon as possible, but probably not in time for recitation on Thursday. However, the grades will be online before Spring break.
Good luck with the exam!

03/05/2009   Here are the solutions to the worksheet exercises.

02/26/2009   No office hours today.

02/22/2009  The review session will be held Tuesday 2/24 at 7pm in 2-139. Special office hours:
    Monday 2/23, 4-5pm, rm 2-167
    Tuesday 2/24 immediately after the review session, rm 2-139

02/10/2009   I will be out of town on Thursday, February 12, and Pokman Cheung will sub for me. The other problem is that I won't be able to hold my office hours this week, so if you need help please go to other TA's office hours. The complete list can be found on the 18.03 main page. If my plane makes it back on time, I plan to be in my office Friday 2/13 morning, 10-11am, for last minute questions. No guarantees, though!

02/04/2009   The due date for PSet 1 has been extended to Monday 2/9.

02/03/2009   Office hours this week: Th Feb 5th, 4-6pm.


Instructor: Alina Bucur
email: alina@math.mit.edu
Office: 2-167
Office Hours: Th 4-5:30pm in 2-255
                        and by appointment

Lecturer: David Jerison
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