Math10B: Calculus, Summer 2013

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Welcome to Math 10B

Instructor: Adam Mihalik



Time: 8:00 -10:50 a.m. (MW)

Location: WLH 2111

Intructor office hours: Monday 12-1PM and Wednesday 12-2PM.

Office: AP&M 5768

TA information:
  • A01-02: Francesca Grogan
  • email:
    Office: AP&M 5412
    TA Office hours: Section information:
    A01: Tu, Th 8:00 -8:50 a.m. APM 2301
    A02: Tu, Th 9:00 -9:50 a.m. APM 2301


    week 1:
    Due to the holiday Francesca's office hours will be Friday 12-2 PM this week only
    Midterm 1 will cover sections 5.1 - 5.4 and 6.1- 6.4
    Practice Midterm: Practice Midterm 1.

    Solutions to Practice Midterm 1.

    week 2:
    week 3: Practice Midterm 2: Practice Midterm 2.

    Solutions to Practice Midterm 2.

    week 4:
    week 5:
    Francesca will have an additional OH's on Tuesday 1030-12.
    Practice Final: Practice Final.

    Solutions to Practice Final.

    Note, I do not plan to give a table of integrals or problems that require the table of integrals on the final. Though we will cover section 11.7 on Wednesday, it will not be on the final.