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MATH 20D Spring 2013


André Minor
Office: AP&M 6151
Office Hours: Tuesday 2:30-3:30, Thursday 1:30-2:30
Other times by appointment

Teaching Assistants:

Corey Stone
Sections: Tuesday, HSS 2150
C01 5pm, C02 6pm
Office: AP&M 6414
Office Hours: Monday 3-4
MatLab: Wednesday 3-4

Tristan Sandler
Sections: Tuesday, HSS 2150
C03 7pm, C02 8pm
Office: AP&M 6351
Office Hours: Monday 2-3
MatLab: Monday 3-4

William Wood
Sections: Tuesday, U413 1
C05 8am, C06 9am
Office: AP&M 5412
Office Hours: Tu W F 1-2
MatLab: Tuesday 11-12


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