Below are links to various resources for women in mathematics and mathematics in general. If you have anything to add or update, please let us know!

  1. Information about careers in Data Science:

  2. Resources Mentioned at the Winter 2013 REU Panel:

    • A list of REUs that start after June 15 is here.
    • The official list of REUs is here.
    • The UCSD summer research program is here.
    • The website of the industry sponsored summer program at UCLA is here.
    • More information about the Budapest Semester and Summer Program is here.
    • More information about the Carleton Women's Program is here.
    • More information about the GWU Women's Program is here.
    • More information about the Immerse Bridge Program is here.
    • More information about the Edge Bridge Program is here.
    • The Math Graduate School prep list that we prepared a few years back is here.
  3. Information about working at the NSA as a mathematician:

  4. Resources mentioned at the Math After UCSD Panel (panel member email addresses can be found here)

    • Official List of REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) published by NSF (National Science Foundation) who funds most of the available REUs.
    • Math GRE Subject Test: This website has information about the test including how to sign up, when the test is offered, and what material is covered.
    • GRE Math Subject Test Prep: The following are links to the Amazon availability of two most popular books, but they can also be found in many other bookstores:
    • This website allows searching graduate schools based upon a variety of criteria including academic quality, financial aid offered, and location.
    • US News and World Report: This website has rankings of mathematics graduate schools (along with the popular undergraduate school rankings).
    • AMS Rankings: The AMS ranks mathematics programs in the United States every year. Most graduate programs care most about this list of rankings.
    • The AMS also provides this pdf with statistics about graduate programs, including statistics about the availability of funding.
    • Mathematics Genealogy Project: A fun way to determine what research has been done by recent graduates of a particular advisor.
  5. Diversity Fellowships

    • President's Fellowships: The University of California Office of the President sponsors both dissertation year and postdoctoral fellowships with the goal of encouraging women and minority PhD recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California.
    • Ford Foundation Fellowships: The Ford Foundationd Diversity Fellowships seek to increase the diversity of the nation's college and university faculties by increasing their ethnic and racial diversity.
    • AAUW Fellowships, Grants, and Awards: The American Association of University Women has fellowships, grants, and awards for women at all stages in their career.
    • The L’Oréal USA Fellowships For Women In Science The L’Oréal USA Fellowships For Women In Science is a national awards program that annually recognizes and rewards five U.S.-based women postdoctoral researchers at the beginning of their scientific careers who are pursuing careers in the life and physical/material sciences, as well as mathematics, engineering and computer science. Recipients receive up to $60,000 each that they must apply towards their postdoctoral research.
  6. General Fellowships

    • NSF Fellowships: The National Science Foundation offers generous 3 year graduate followships for incoming first and second year graduate students.
    • AFCEA: The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association offers four kinds of fellowships.
    • SMART: The Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Program is sponsored by the Department of Defense and has fellowships for students willing to accept employment with the DoD after they graduate.
    • NDSEGF: The National Defence Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship offers 3 year fellowships to students beginning their graduate studies.
    • Hertz Foundation Fellowships: Merit based fellowships for applied math and statistics.
  7. Programs for Graduate Women in Mathematics

    • Princeton IAS Women and Math Program: An annual workshop that combines talks on a focused topic with mentoring and discussions of peer relations and career opportunities.
    • EYH: Expanding Your Horizons is an annual workshop conference for middle and high school girls. The goal is to provide fun hands-on activities that educate girls about careers in math and science. It's a great conference to volunteer for.
  8. Programs for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics

    • EDGE: The EDGE program is designed to strengthen the ability of women and minority students to successfully complete graduate programs in the mathematical sciences. It is a one month summer program fow women who are either graduating seniors going to graduate programs in math, or first year graduate students in math.
    • GWU Summer Program: Five week summer program for undergraduate women who are contemplating graduate school.
    • Smith College Center for Women in Math: Smith offers a Post-Baccalaureate program for women who did not major in math or whose majors in math were light, but who are still interested in math and would like to determine if they should go to graduate school in math.
    • Carleton College Summer Program: Four week summer program for undergraduate women in the middle of their studies (post-calculus, pre-upper div).
  9. Conferences for Women in Mathematics

    • NCUWM: The Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics gives undergraduate women a chance to present their research and learn about graduate school and careers in math.
    • AWM Workshop at the Joint Meetings: The AWM sponsors a series of workshops for women grad students and postdocs at the joint meetings every year.
  10. Other Undergraduate Opportunities

    • Research Experiences for Undergraduates: The NSF funds a lot of summer REUs, which are a great way of seeing if math is right for you.
    • IMMERSE: Summer program at UNL for pre-graduate students and early career faculty.
    • PCUMC: Pacific Coast Undergraduate Math Conference
  11. Post-graduate Programs

    • Project NExT: A professional development program for recent math PhD's, run by the MAA.
    • IMMERSE: Summer program at UNL for pre-graduate students and early career faculty.
  12. National Organizations

    • Association of Women in Mathematics: National organization founded in 1971 to encourage women to have active careers in math and to promote equal opportunity of women in math.
    • American Mathematical Society: National organization founded in 1888 to further mathematical research and scholarship.
    • Mathematical Association of America: The American Mathematical Monthly was founded in 1894 by Benjamin Finkel, the organization grew out of this publication, and has a mission to advance the matematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level.
  13. UCSD Organizations

  14. Statistics about Women at UCSD