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Here is where you will find lecture notes for this course if there are any.

bulletWeek1_103A_Notes.pdf  1/12/2009
bulletWeek1-2_103A_Notes.pdf  1/16/2009
bullet Lectures Notes up to Test I.pdf 1/23/2009
bullet Weeks1-4_103A_Notes.pdf  2/3/2009
bullet Weeks1-5_103A_Notes.pdf  2/9/2009
bullet Weeks1-6_103A_Notes.pdf  2/13/2009
bullet Weeks1-7_103A_Notes.pdf 2/23/2009  (See last section for a test review.)
bullet Weeks1-8_103A_Notes.pdf (2/27/2009)
bullet Weeks1-9_103A_Notes.pdf  (3/6/2009)
bullet Math103A-Lecture-Notes.pdf  (3/13/2009)


Other References:

bulletGo to  http://www.cps.brockport.edu/~tuzun/gallian.html for flash cards for the first 10 chapters of Gallian
or go to http://www.d.umn.edu/~jgallian/card/cview.html
Group theory and the Rubik's cube by Janet Chen.
bullet Algebra: Abstract and Concrete by Frederick M. Goodman.