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bullet TEST #2:  Wednesday February 28 in class.  Covers material above.
Please bring a Blue Book and your student ID to the test.  Here is a Study Guide: Test2_Study_Guide.pdf
You are allowed a single one sided (of a standard 8.5''x11'' sheet of paper) "cheat" sheet.
bulletHere are some notes from class on Inverse_Functions.pdf
bulletHomework #2 was modified on Friday, 1/19.
bulletHere is a Test 1 Study Guide.
bulletTEST #1:  Wednesday January 31 in class. Please bring a Blue Book to the test.
bulletPlease note changes to Homework's 6 and 7.
bullet Homeworks will be given weekly and are due in the homework drop box by 9:00PM on the Friday due date.  [Sorry about wrong information before.]
bulletHolidays this quarter are: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Monday, January 15 and Presidents' Day Holiday Monday, February 19