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 Q: Will the instructor lecture on how to use MATLAB?

A: No. The MATLAB assignments are written so that students learn MATLAB as they go. The MATLAB websites include detailed tutorials, and MATLAB tutors are available to help students with difficulties.

Q: Do the students attend regularly scheduled MATLAB lab sections?

A: No. Students may work on assignments on their own schedule, provided they meet the assignment deadlines. There is often confusion because as part of their online enrollment, students are automatically assigned "lab sections" scheduled for the same time as their discussion sections, but on a different day. These lab sections have no meaning except during the 10th week of the quarter; students will take the MATLAB quiz during those times.

Q: When a student asks: "How do I get started?"

A: You can tell them to look at the materials on the web.  For additional questions, have them see a MATLAB tutor or their TA. After the first week of class, tutoring is available in AP&M B432. Alternatively, many UCSD students have been through these exercises, so your student may have a friend who will help them get started.  Once a student gets the hang of the format for homework solutions, they typically do not have much trouble. Many will do the exercises at home on their own laptop.

Q: Is there a way for students to do their
MATLAB assignments at home.

A1.  Yes, they can buy their own copy of MATLAB for their computer and use that to complete the assignments.

A2. This one is more complicated but free.

NOTE: ACMS has a "Virtual Computing Labs" service that allows students to remotely use MATLAB and other university-licensed software by using the "VMware View" software client to login to the VMware View server "":

To get access to use the ACMS Virtual Computing Lab, students need to "self-register" via the above webpage first. TAs/Tutors who are also currently-enrolled UCSD students can also self-register as a student to use it. Instructors and non-student staff who want to use this service should contact me to arrange for access with ACMS.

The AP&M B432 PHYSICAL computer lab remains the OFFICIAL lab location for MATH 20D/20F for students to complete their MATLAB Lab Assignments homework and seek help from MATLAB Tutors. The MATLAB Quiz will still be held only in the AP&M B432 physical computer lab.

The ACMS Virtual Computing Labs is an additional OPTIONAL service provided for the students's convenience to complete their MATLAB homework. There is no requirement for students to use it for anything but we expect many of them will solely out of convenience.

Please note that "Microsoft Office Word" is not available in the ACMS Virtual Computing Labs. Use the "LibreOffice" program instead.