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Math 21D (Driver) Fall 1999 Course Information (A00 Lecture)

Meeting times: MWF 9:05--9:55 in Peterson Hall 104. Discussions for these lectures are on Thursdays at 2:30 and 3:35PM in HSS 2150. The discussion section is an essential part of the course and all students should plan to attend. There will also be a required computer lab for this course. You have a reserved time in the computer lab (AP&M B432) on Tuesdays at the same time as your Thursday discussion section. The fourth hour, scheduled for Mondays at 3:35 -- 4:25 PM, will only be used for the two "midterm" exams.

Texts: For the first three weeks we will cover chapter 10 in the 3rd ed.  (Chapter 11 from the 4th ed. Warning: the problems are from the 3rd edition!!!) of Stewart, "Calculus: Early Transcendentals." (Hopefully you already have this book. If not it is on reserve in the undergraduate library.) The main text for the course is Boyce and DiPrima, "Elementary Differential Equations," (sixth edition).  We will also use Polking & Arnold, "Ordinary Differential Equations using MATLAB," (second edition) for the computer lab part of the course.

Homework:  Weekly homework assignments (see back) are due in the Thursday sections.

Computer: "MATLAB" will be used in the computer lab to compliment the theoretical aspects of the course. This will also serve as a basic introduction to MATLAB. The computer lab is in AP&M B432. You have a reserved spot in the lab on Tuesdays at the same hour as your Thursday discussion time. Your TA will be in the lab to help you during your lab time. The computer assignment should be turned in separately but at the same time as your class homework in your Thursday section.

(Lec. A00) David Glickenstein (AP&M 6402C, glicken@math ).  Hours: Wed. 11-1 & Th 12:15-2:15. 
(Lec. C00) David Little (AP&M 2226, dlittle@math). Hours: Tu. 2:30-3:30 & Th. 10-11.
(Lec. B00 -- Bender's Lecture) Larry Bassel. Hours Wed. 3-5  in  6337D AP&M

Test times: Test #1: Monday October 25 at 3:35 PM in Peterson Hall 104.  Test #2: Monday November 22 at 3:35 PM in Room 104 SOLIS HALL -- not in Peterson hall.  Final exam: Monday December 13 at 8:00-11:00 AM.

Office Hours: Monday 3:35 -- 4:25 PM and Wednesday 10:00 -- 11:00 AM.   My office is AP&M 7414, and the phone number is 534 - 2648. (These are subject to change.)

Grading:  Final Grade = 2 midterms (20% each) + final (35%) + homework (15%) + computer work (10%).


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