Matlab Problems
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Quick Reference
Laser Printing
1. Matlab Basics
2. Sequences & Series
3. Taylor Series
4. Fields & Flows
5. ODE Models
6. Symbolic ODE
7. Systems & 2nd order
8. Numerical ODE
9. Laplace Transform

Starting MatLab

Follow the Computer Lab Guide (click here to view) which was distributed in class to login and set up the printer in the computer lab for your use.  Open up the 21D folder under the hard drive icon. Start MATLAB by clicking on the file start-matlab.m

Turning in Assignments

Start Word by clicking on the file homework-template.doc. Use this file to store the relevant input and results of your MATLAB session. Use the cut and paste to do this. Print your file with the Laser Printer and hand in your work in Thursday's section.

MATLAB Quick Reference

Click here for a short list of the most basic functions you'll need to become familiar with in learning MATLAB. For more detailed help, please refer to the online help. 

Remark: If you plan on working at home you will need the "dfield" and related "m-files" which may be downloaded from Polking's web site at

The Assignments

Computer Lab  #1 -  Getting Acquainted With MATLAB  
Computer Lab  #2 -  Infinite Series and M-Files 
Computer Lab  #3 -  Computing Taylor Series and error estimates using taylor and diff.
Computer Lab  #4 -  Introduction to  the geometry of ODE's via dfield5
Computer Lab  #5 -  Equilibrium, stability, and modeling 
Computer Lab  #6 -  Finding explicit solutions using dsolve
Computer Lab  #7 -  Second order ODE's and Systems using pplane5.
Computer Lab  #8 -  Numerical solutions to ODE's via MATLAB's ode45.
Computer Lab  #9  - Laplace Transform methods.


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