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Hi Bruce,

Here is the information about the Math 21D Workshop:

The Math Science Tutorial Program at OASIS is offering a Math 21D Workshop. The workshop will meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-12pm in Center Hall 356. During the workshop, students work on additional problems to strengthen their understanding of the concepts presented in lecture. Students participating in the workshop are expected to work in groups, be willing to explain problems to others, and attend regularly. You may sign up for the workshop today by going to OASIS or go to the workshop tomorrow.

Another source for assistance in the Math 21D course is the Math Study Table at OASIS. The Math Study Table hours are Monday through Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-3:30pm, and Sunday 6pm-9pm. Not every math tutor at the study table will have a background in Math 21D so please check with the tutors first before asking your questions. For Math 21D in particular, the workshop may be the better source for tutorial support than the study table.

If you would like more information regarding the workshop or study table, please contact Kathy Kailikole at OASIS.



Kathy Kailikole
Coordinator, Math Science Tutorial Program
OASIS    534-1469


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