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240C Homework Assignments

  • Homework #1 (Due Friday 4/6/2012).
  • Homework #2 (Due Friday 4/13/2012)
  • Homework #3 (Due Friday 4/20/2012)
  • Homework #4 (Due Friday 4/27/2012):  In the first problem on Homework #4 the formula <f,\phi>=0  should have been <f,d\phi/dx>=0.
  • Homework #5 (Due Friday 5/4/2012):  Corrected for extra 2*pi's.
  • Homework #6 (Due Monday 5/14/2012): Homework #6 is the last homework and is due on Monday May 14 rather than on Friday May 11.


240B Homework Assignments

Remarks on doing the homework.

The homework is an important (most important) part of this class. The homework is your best chance to learn the material in this course. You may consult others on the problems, but in the end you are responsible for understanding the material. I suggest that you try all the problems on your own before consulting others. Even false starts on problems will help you learn.

Here is what the TA will be looking for in your solutions.

  1. The solutions must be written clearly. This includes reasonable handwriting and good English. If the TA has to struggle to read what you have written, he will not grade the problem!
  2. The solutions should be complete and clear. A good rule of thumb is: if you have some doubt about your solution it is probably wrong or at best incomplete.
  3. Results that you use in your proof from undergraduate analysis or from the text book or from the lecture notes should be stated clearly. Here is an example of what I am looking for:

    ... So we have shown that fn converges to f uniformly. Since each fn is continuous and the uniform limit of continuous functions is continuous, we know that f is continuous.

    The reference to a theorem from undergraduate analysis is underlined.