Computer Help

This page contains a list of useful computer help and information websites.


bulletHelp for all Microsoft Windows XP commands
bulletLaTeX Relabling
bulletUnix-Dos text file conversion
bulletUCSD ACS Software Distribution info and File Server

You can then click on the Map a Network Drive option in the file menus. This will bring up a dialog box which will Allow you to select an available drive letter, and path. Enter the path to the desired service previously configured on your Samba server in the form "\\euclid\username". You should check the box "Connect using different credentials."   Then enter your euclid password when asked.


Wepage Construction Help

bulletAskIT IT Answers QuikIT Module 4 Creating a Website
bulletA Simple CGI for Processing Web Page Forms
bulletWebauthor - Home

Pearl Information

bullet Perl Examples I
bulletPerl Examples (For web-Forms)

TexMacs Information  [The Meta Key in Windows Seems to be the Escape Key.]

bulletMaxima and TexMacs under Windows:
or see Maxima and TexMacs  if the link is broken.
bullet or if this link is broken see Computer_help/TexMacs/texmacs.pdf

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