Math 20E Vector Calculus Requirement Fulfillment Exam

bulletIn order to receive transfer credit for UCSD Math 20E, you must take the Math 20E Fulfillment Exam.
bulletThe test is designed to enable students who may know Vector Calculus, by virtue of already having taken a class somewhere else, to show their knowledge and thus fulfill a Vector Calculus requirement. This is not a placement test.
bulletThe next test will be given by Professor Enright ( at the beginning of the Fall quarter, 2004. You will have 20 minutes to complete the exam. No notes, books or calculators will be allowed.
bulletTest Location and Time: To be determined.
bulletYou may view the following old course web-page  to see the material which is typically covered in Math 20E.

20E Winter 02 Web-Pages 

Also see the

Homeworks web-page.

If you can not do the homework problems and practice tests available at this site  you should not take the Requirement Fulfillment Exam but go ahead and  take Math 20E.


bulletYou need to bring with you to the test an undergraduate student petition which can be obtained from the Mathematics department front desk located on the 7th.-- floor of APM.  If you pass the test, you will be asked to fill in the petition with the name of the class (which covered the material in Math 20E)  and the school where it was taken. During the test you will be asked solve some Vector Calculus problems.  On the basis of your answers, I  will assess your knowledge of  Vector Calculus and then I will either approve or deny your petition.

You will only get one chance at this Math 20E exam!
So review the material before the test or you will almost certainly not pass!!!

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