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Carolyn Cross
Trevor Carson
Vikram Srimurthy
Tai Melcher
Matt Cecil
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Zhehau Li

Here is a list of my graduate students. Click on the title of their thesis to get an abstract and the opportunity to view their thesis.

  1. Carolyn Cross graduated from UCSD, August 1996.  Her thesis was titled 
    "Differentials of Measure-Preserving Flows on Path Space."

  2. Trevor Carson graduated from UCSD, June 1997.  His  thesis was titled 
    "Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities for Free Loop Groups."

  3. Vikram Srimurthy graduated from UCSD, June 1999.  His  thesis was titled
    "On the equivalence of measure on loop groups."
  4. Tai Melcher graduate from UCSD, June 2004. Her thesis was titled,
    "Hypoelliptic Heat Kernel Inequalities on Lie Groups."
  5. Matt Cecil graduated from UCSD, June 2006. His thesis was titled,
    "The Taylor Map on Complex Path Groups"
  6. Poon Chuan Adrian Lim graduated from UCSD, June 2006. His thesis was titled,
    "Path Integrals on a Compact Manifold with Non-negative Curvature"
  7. Nathaniel Eldredge graduated from UCSD, June 2009. His thesis was titled,
    "Hypoelliptic heat kernel inequalities on H-type groups."
  8. Patrick Driscoll graduated UCSD, June 2011. His thesis was titled,
    "Smooth Densities For Solutions To Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian Motion."
  9. Thomas A Laetsch graduated UCSD, June 2012. His thesis was titled,
    "An Approximation of Wiener Measure on Manifolds with Non-positive Sectional Curvature."  

  10. Jeremy Sean Semko graduated UCSD, November 2015. His thesis was titled,
    "Controlled Rough Paths on Manifolds."

  11. Pun Wai Tong graduated UCSD, March 2016. His thesis was titled,
    "Classical Limit on Quantum Mechanics for Unbounded Observables."  

  12. Zhehua Li graduated UCSD, July 2016. His thesis was titled,
    "A Finite Dimensional Approximation to Pinned Wiener Measure on Symmetric Spaces."

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