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Math 120A -- Elements of Complex Analysis (Fall 2010) Course Information


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Final Exam is Thursday December 9, 11:30a - 2:29p in CENTR 105.  Please bring a Blue Book. No calculators or books are allowed. You may have a 3x5 -- index card of notes if you like.


My finals week office hours are: 12/6 Monday 2-3PM and 12/8 Wednesday 1-2PM.

bulletHere is a short course review along with some proofs of results which were not presented in class.  Final study guide.
bulletPatrick will be having a review session/office hours on the Tuesday of Finals Week during the usual section times (5-7pm) in APM 6402.

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Instructor: Bruce Driver, Office:  AP&M 5260,  Phone:  534-2648. Office Hours:  M & F: 11-11:50AM

Lecture times:  MWF 12:00p - 12:50pm in Center Hall, Room # 105.

Discussion Times:     A01: Tuesday 6:00p - 6:50p Room: WLH 2115
A02: Tuesday 5:00p - 5:50p Room: WLH 2207

Text: Brown and Churchill, "Complex Variables and Applications," eighth edition.

TA:    Patrick Driscoll:  Office:  APM 6351, Email:, Phone: 49071.  Office Hours: F 2-2:50pm and T 11-11:50AM.  Tuesday 11am-12:50pm and Friday 2-3:50pm.

Test times: Test #1: Wednesday October 20,  at 12:00p.  Test #2:  Wednesday, November 10 at 12:00p.  Final Exam: Thursday December 9, 11:30a - 2:29p.

Homework: Homeworks will be given weekly and are due in Tuesdays sections. Click here to see the assignments.

Grading: Final Grade = 2 midterms (25% each) + final (35%) + homework (15%).

Prerequisites: Having taken or are currently taking Math 20E.

Course Goal: The aim is to give an introduction to complex variable techniques by covering Chapters 1-6 and parts of 7 of the book.



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