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Follow the links to see homework assignments.

Homework #1: (Due Thursday, January 6, 2011.)


Homework #2: (Due Thursday, January 13, 2011.)

HomeWorks/180BHmWk1-2.pdf  (See page 2.)

Please do the following modified homework assignment.


Homework #3:   (Due Thursday, January 20, 2011.)


Test #1: Monday 01/24/2011

Homework #4:   (Due Thursday, January 27, 2011.)


Homework #5:  (Due Thursday, February 3, 2011.)

Problems are from S. Karlin and H. Taylor (An Introduction to Stochastic Modeling, 3rd edition). The convention here is that II.1.E1 refers to Exercise 1 of section 1 of Chapter II. While II.3.P4 refers to Problem 4 of section 3 of Chapter II.

III.1.#  (p. 98 --):   III.1.P1, II.1.P13,  III.1.P3, III.1.P4
III.2.# (p. 102-):    III.2.E3, III.2.E4, III.2.P1, III.2.P2, III.2.P5
III.3.# (p. 112):     III.3.E2, III.3.E5, III.3.P1, III.3.P2, III.3.P7

Homework #6:  (Due Thursday, February 10, 2011.)

Hand in III.4 (p. 127-): III.4.E1, III.4.E2, III.4.E4, III.4.E8, III.4.P1, III.4.P4, III.4.P12
Look at but do not hand in III.4 (p. 127-): III.4.P6.

(Hint: these problems are tedious if you do not use a calculator or a computer to do some of the matrix manipulations!!!)


Homework #7:  (Due Thursday, February 17, 2011.)

Hand in problems 8.4 -- 8.10 in the following PDF file: 180B_HM7.pdf

Test #2 is on Friday, February 18, 2011.

Homework #8:  (Due Thursday, February 24, 2011.)

Hand in from chapter IV:     IV.1.E1, IV.1.E3, IV.1.E8, IV.1.P5, IV.1.P6, IV.3.E2, IV.3.E3, IV.3.E4.

Homework #9:   (Due Thursday, March 3, 2011.)

Hand in from chapter IV: IV.1.P1, IV.2.E6, IV.2.E7, IV.2.P8, IV.4.E1, IV.4.P4
Look at (do not hand in) from chapter IV: IV.2.P2.

Homework #10:   (Due Thursday, March 10, 2011.)

Please open the following pdf file for Homework 10:   180BHMWK10_Revised.pdf.


1) You may omit part (c) of I.5.E5 on page 51.  It is not clear to me what they are asking  -- if you understand it please explain it to me.

2) See the revised version of the homework for more detailed hints to Exercise 7.

Final Exam,  Friday, March 18, 2011