Math 109 - Mathematical Reasoning - Lec B - Chow - Winter 2013

Lectures (Instr. Chow): 12:00-12:50pm MWF in PETER 104
Discussions (TA: Yang): B01 at 4pm Mon & B02 at 5pm Mon, both in HSS 1315.

Prof. Ben Chow's office hours: MWF 10am-10:50am at APM 7438, or by appointment. (
Bo Yang's office hours: TBA in AP&M 6333 (
Bo Yang's webpage for Math 109

Textbook: Eccles, An introduction to mathematical reasoning. Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Homework: Due each Monday in discussion (starting Jan 14). No late homeworks accepted; lowest score is dropped. (10% of grade)

Midterm 1: Friday February 1 in class.
Midterm 2: Wednesday February 27 in class.
Final: Wednesday March 20 at 11:30am - 2:30pm. Location: uaual classroom PETER 104.

Grading may be curved and is based on which ever is the highest of the following two:
(1) Midterms 25% each, Final 40%, Homework 10%.
(1) Midterms 20% each, Final 50%, Homework 10%.

Syllabus: The plan is to go through much of Eccles' book and end with Fermat's Little Theorem (Chapter 24), while skipping some material here and there.

Homework assignment will be posted here.
Homework #1 due Monday January 14 in discussion section.
Homework #2 due Wednesday January 23 in lecture class (since Monday Jan 21 is a holiday).
Homework #3 due Monday January 28 in discussion section.
Homework #4 due Monday February 4 in discussion section.
Homework #5 due Monday February 11 in discussion section.
Homework #6 due Wednesday Febrary 20 in lecture class (since Monday Feb 18 is a holiday).
Homework #7 due Monday February 25 in discussion section.
Homework #8 due Wednesday March 6 in lecture class (to give you more time since we had a midterm on Wednesday).
Homework #9 due Wednesday March 13 in lecture class

Some lecture notes will be posted here.
Some notes for Week #1
Some notes for Week #2
More notes for Week #2
Bo Yang's answers and hints to HW1-3 problems
Some answers to HW1-3 problems, supplementing Bo Yang's answers and hints
Notes on the proof of the Binomial Theorem
Notes on the irrationality of the square root of 2
Notes on the Division Theorem (for the week of February 18-22).
Answers to HW #6
Bo Yang's answers and hints to HW4-6 problems
Answers to Midterm #2
Answers to problem #7 in HW9
Fermat's Little Theorem
Prime factorization and proof that there are an infinite mumber of primes
Front page for final exam (Tentative front page; subject to change.)

Announcements will be posted here.
Office hours on Friday February 22 will be at 11am (instead of the usual 10am).
Second midterm is February 27 in class. One page of notes double-sided and calculator are allowed. But no books etc. Tentatively it will cover material after first midterm until Friday February 22 lecture's material. Although you may need to know earlier material used in the latter material.

The second midterm will cover Chapters 8 through 15 inclusive. The front page should look like this: Cover page of Midterm #2

Homework #8 is posted above, due Wed in class. Hardcopies will be handed out in class March 1.

The second midterm will be handed back in class on March 1. Exams that are not picked up will be handed back in discussion on Monday March 4.

Second midterm statistics (scores will be curved at the end of the quarter):
Average: 72.8 (1st midterm was 90.3)
Median: 75 (1st midterm was 93)
Total number of students taking the exam was 64 (not counting auditors).
Distribution: 8 students 90 or above, 14 students 86 or above, 23 students 80 or above, 40 students 71 or above, 49 students 60 or above, 61 students 51 or above, and all 64 students 39 or above.
Roughly, a passing score might be 50 or above. Your course grade is based on your point total computed using the rubric announced on the class webpage with the scores curved to take into account various factors including historical grade distributions.
No discussion section on Monday January 7; first discussion section will be January 14..