Research interests

My main field of research is Hamilton's Ricci flow, although I have also written on other geometric evolution equations. I have written papers on such topics as Hamilton's entropy estimate on surfaces, Ricci flow on 2-dimensional orbifolds (with Lang-Fang Wu), the space-time approach to Hamilton's matrix Harnack estimate (with Sun-Chin Chu), linear trace Harnack estimate (with Richard Hamilton), Li-Yau-Hamilton inequalities (with Dan Knopf), collapsing sequences of solutions of Ricci flow (with David Glickenstein and Peng Lu), time-dependent maximum principle for systems (with Peng Lu), asymptotic scalar curvature ratio of Type I solutions (with Peng Lu), linearized Ricci flow (with Greg Anderson), Kaehler manifolds with nonnegative curvature operator (with Huai-Dong Cao), gradient estimates for the Kaehler-Ricci flow, nonnegatively curved quaterionic-Kaehler manifolds (with Deane Yang), cross curvature flow (with Richard Hamilton), Yamabe flow on locally conformally flat manifolds, Gauss curvature flow, curvature flows of embedded curves (with Lii-Perng Liou and Dong-Ho Tsai), Aleksandrov reflection for hypersurface flows (with Robert Gulliver), combinatorial curvature flows on surfaces (with Feng Luo).