Doctoral Students, Date Ph. D. conferred, Current institution and position
  1. Janelle Louie (advisor, mentor is Paul Bryan), 2014
  2. Bo Yang (co-advisor with Lei Ni), 2013, Rutgers University, Hill Assistant Professor
  3. Shijin Zhang (secondary mentor, advisor is Fuquan Fang, primary mentor is Lei Ni), 2010, Beihang University, Lecturer
  4. Hongxin Guo, 2008, Wenzhou University, China, Associate Professor
  5. Brett Kotschwar (co-advisor with Lei Ni), 2007, Arizona State University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
  6. Hsiao-Bing Cheng (mentor, advisor is Shing-Tung Yau), 2003
  7. David Glickenstein, 2003, University of Arizona, Associate Professor
  8. Dan Knopf (mentor, advisor is Kevin McLeod), 1999, University of Texas at Austin, Professor
  9. Yu Yuan (co-advisor with Misha Safanov), 1998, University of Washington, Professor
  10. Alexei Krioukov (Alexey Kryukov), 1998, University of Wisconsin at Waukesha, Professor
  11. Sun-Chin Chu, 1997, National Chung-Cheng University, Taiwan, Professor
  12. Daniel O'Loughlin, 1997, St. Catherine University, Associate Professor
  13. Lii-Perng Liou, 1996
  14. Dong-Ho Tsai, 1996, Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan, Professor
Current students: Xiaolong Li (co-advisor with Lei Ni), Yongjia Zhang (co-advisor with Lei Ni).