Hybrid-Multiscale Modeling of the E.Coli Bacteria Division Process

Alvaro Ruiz Martinez
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
UC San Diego


The complexity of the coupled proteins system, the stochastic effects, the different time scales for different reactions and the importance of the contraction forces during E.Coli bacteria division require to develop a 3D-hybrid-multiscale model that allows us to know in detail about the mechanisms of this phenomenon. The main aim of this work is the creation of a hybrid algorithm that facilitates to model biological systems at multiple scales (spatial and temporal), providing high robustness and accuracy. Moreover, the flexibility of being extended to more complex cases in which the geometry and mechanical characteristics are more complicated (like a dendritic spine in a dendrite of a neuron) will make it a very powerful tool in biological problems. Nowadays, designing multiscale models in biological processes is one of the most challenging and promising tasks in order to know the nature behavior in more detail, therefore, it is worthy to try to combine the best features of them in order to increase the efficiency of the algorithms.