Bo Li's Past Research

Bo Li's Past Research

  1. Continuum models, theory, and simulation of epitaxial growth of thin films: growth instabilities, coarsening and dynamic scaling, roughening transition, stress effects, electromigration, nanoscale pattern formation, numerical simulation, etc.

  2. Stress-driven interface dynamics with applications to nanoscale structures

  3. Modeling, simulation, and analysis of complex martensitic microstructures - with an emphasis on the effect of applied stress to formation, evolution, and stability of the microstructure.

  4. Weak convergence methods for variational problems modeling crystalline solids that can undergo structural phase transformations

  5. Superconvergence analysis and a posteriori error estimates in the adaptive finite element method - An effort will be made to lift the severe restrictions on finite element meshes in achiving the superconvergence, and an emphasis will be placed on the study of moving boundary problems and multiscale problems with applicatons to materials science.

    Related publications
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