MAPL/CMSC 666, Section 0101 - Bo Li

MAPL/CMSC 666, Section 0101

Numerical Analysis (I)

Fall semester, 2000

Instructor: Bo Li

The two-semester course series, MAPL/CMSC 666 and MAPL/CMSC 667, is a graduate level introduction on numerical analysis. Its primary subject matter is the mathematical analysis of numerical methods in scientific and engineering computing. Topics to be covered in this course series include approximation and interpolation of functions, numerical integration, numerical linear algebra, systems of nonlinear algebraic equations, numerical optimization, and numerical solutions of ordinary and partial differential equations. This course series serves to prepare beginning graduate students for the numerical analysis qualifying exam.
General Course Information (textbook, office hours, homework, exams, grading, etc.)
A Tentative Course Outline: PDF file (for both MAPL/CMSC 666 and MAPL/CMSC 667)
A Tentative Syllabus
A List of References: PDF file (for both MAPL/CMSC 666 and MAPL/CMSC 667)
Homework Assignments
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